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Speculation on Randy Orton Dating a WWE Total Diva, Backstage News on Dolph Ziggler, More

– It’s said within WWE that Dolph Ziggler is being punished for something he said in an interview during SummerSlam week. No word yet on what Ziggler said that has WWE officials upset but it’s said he’s paying the price for saying the wrong thing.

– Within WWE, people are denying that Randy Orton and Total Diva Jo Jo are an item but people have reported seeing them together holding hands. Orton and Jo Jo could be one of the bigger storylines on the next season of Total Divas. The speculation likely comes from this photo of the two at WWE’s Superstars For Hope party last month during SummerSlam weekend:

Orton and jo Jo

Word going around is that there will be another major relationship twist for the next season, one that will be clever and shocking, and it’s not The Bella Twins “switching places” in their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena.


  • ddfindl

    lol no dude relax, don’t go straight for the race card

  • Kenny Roberson

    and Is there a problem with that you say it like it is some bad thing

  • Sally

    the article said they are dating in story line only for the next season of Total Divas
    I am sure Randy Orton would rather date a real woman his own age then a little girl who is not even an adult of legal age that can not get a drink at a bar

  • sally

    she is a little girl
    too young to date a 33 year old man
    I am 45 an adult see my point I am 12 years apart from him in age
    she is a little girl she is too young
    I give it too weeks before he moves on to the next WWE DIVA who is over 19 she is going to get dumped again two guys broke up with her already due to her age Randy Orton will be the third
    besides it is a story line for total Divas anyhow
    it wont last

  • Shorty

    she may be over 18 but she is too young for Randy Orton Justin Gabriel Broke up with her because she was too young come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 year age difference here It wont last I give it two weeks before Randy Orton moves on to the next person who is his age and woman enough to date a grown 33 year old man like him
    again Jo Jo is not a girl yet not a woman she is too young
    it wont last

  • John Wallace


  • Matt Trovato

    That bible passage could have used a lot more punctuation than just one comma.

  • shorty

    I think that it is all story line because Jo jo is 19 years old way to young and way too immature to be dating a 33 year old guy like Randy Orton that is a 14 year age difference and in some states a person who is 33 dating a person who is 19 is statutory rape and people can go to jail for that, she already dated Justin Gaberial and he broke up with her because he thought she was too young for him so if Randy Orton and jo Jo are really dating in real life Randy Orton will do the same thing to her too because he will think she is too young for him too and find someone who is he own age and also someone who has more in common with him than a 19 year old who does not have anything in common Jo jo find someone your own age you are too immature to date a 33 year old it wont last if it is a real relationship due to that Again if this is a real relationship I hope neither one of them Randy Orton Or JO JO gets hurt she already split up with two boyfriends due to her age, And again if this is a real relationship Randy Orton will be Number three boyfriend who splits up with her due to her age and the 14 year age difference
    I agree with Leigh Amadio 33 and 19 is creepy
    and it is also in appropriate too Jo JO needs to find someone her own age and stop being dessparate and stop dating every wwe male superstar that feels sorry for her because she cant find someone to date that is only reason they are dating her because they feel sorry for her being desparate the way she is being she is making her image and self out to be the reputation of a slut and that is sad people who work I think that wwe superstars who work for the wwe should not mix business with their personal life such as dating other wwe superstars because business is separate from personal life and it never works to date in the same company or business because if they break up they have to see each other every day at work and be miserable and hurt
    again if Randy Orton and Jo jo are dating to that’s nice and all and to each their own but it wont work due to the age difference and working in same company and if they break up they will have to see each other at work every day and be miserable and broken hearted so hope neither of them get hurt
    again jo jo find someone your own age you are a girl of 19 and not yet a woman
    not woman enough to date a grown man like randy orton

  • Leigh Amadio

    orton 33 shes 19… thats a little creepy

  • CC

    just googled it and yup, I missed it back in July or something …. seems being champ only gets you so far

  • CC

    Did I miss a story where Orton has split from his wife?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Ziggler should just give up. And didn’t you guys report on what he said about Orton?!

  • Kaizen

    lol, let the face of company get some action

  • Sam Peters

    Ric Flair Styles and Profiles onto Total Divas….just to get married and divorced again……WOOOO!!

  • ddfindl

    The whole locker room has jungle fever

  • Stumpy

    The Barber should be in the Hall.