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Speculation on WWE Offering to Purchase TNA’s Library, Why Not Having Hogan Is Hurting TNA

– It was speculated on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE would likely offer to purchase TNA’s tape library if for some reason TNA couldn’t get picked up by another network. The going rate for something like that is around $500 per hour of footage. TNA has a little over 1,000 hours of just Impact Wrestling footage.

Regarding TNA possibly getting picked up by other networks, it was also said that not having Hulk Hogan is hurting them when it comes to interest from other stations.


  • The Man They Don’t Call ting

    Glad to see you both agree. If it came down to quality of the product, TNA shouldn’t have a problem at all, but since it isn’t, TNA is getting the short end of the stick. But, I doubt Spike is going to drop their best show.

  • nobody

    Networks know nothing.

    They think wrestling fans and mainstream fans of a general audience actually care about Hulk Hogan. I guess they don’t get that there is no further interest in him. Hey, if this were Basketball they would be demanding Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen return to the Chicago Bulls and when the Bulls lose even more fans they would say “What went wrong?”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well may I say RIP to TNA you don’t have the TV you don’t have a wrestling company. It WCW all over again and I was a huge WCW fan. But I knew when it was over to TNA it didn’t matter who was with the company right now. Hey I said it when Hogan first got there that he would bail just before they go under and well a year later they are just about to go under. Like they going to have a choice to not let Vince buy the library.

  • CC

    Because for the most parts networks have no concept of what does and doesnt destroy wrestling, and all they see is Hulk Hogan as a bankable marquee name. Who else on the current TNA roster is as well known in and outside wrestling as Hogan?
    I cant stand the man, but I can see to anyone who isnt a diehard wrestling fan, Hogans name is considered a money maker.

  • The Man They Don’t Call Sting

    I hope they don’t sell it to McMahon. I don’t see how not having Hogan hurts them from getting picked up, he’s the reason for their downfall to begin with. But, networks looks for money now, not quality.

  • DKHardee

    I would like for TNA matches to be added to WWE Network. That would be cool.