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Speculation on WWE Suspension After Comments by Regal

– A fan sent the following in:

“On the October 24th edition of WWE NXT, William Regal made an interesting comment regarding the absence of Hunico during a bout between Brodus Clay and Camacho. The following is what was said by Regal, and you can hear it in the video clip below (the quote comes in during Camacho’s entrance)”

“Camacho is usually out here with his partner Hunico, but Hunico’s not here and I’m not allowed to say why. He’s in a little trouble, and he got into a little extra curricular activities and causing a bit of grief to people, and he’s not gonna be with us for awhile let’s put it that way.”

  • Wayne

    Wrong answer bro! Cena is a total ass kisser! He’s boring inside the ring and he’s boring when he’s on the mic. The super Cena persona is just another excuse for why Cena is terrible.

  • ashterk

    I agree with wildeye there. Stfu blaming Cena for everything dude sick of being super cena guy hates his character himself that guy wants to help wwes future himself look he dropped the title to Sheamus and lost to Tensei dude does not care about being on top he wants CM Punk or someone to take over so he can take a bunch of time off.

  • wildeye

    didnt you know that Cena has something to do with every article on this site. I think the ones who complain or make fun of him actually have a thing for him. Give it up with the Cena crap already. That is why he is as big as he is. You all cant stop talking about him

  • What does John Cena has to do with it douche? That shits annoying.

  • SYM

    totally agree with you Nick.

  • Nick

    he probably refused to suck cena’s dick