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Speculation on WWE Working with ROH, Update on CM Punk’s Storyline & More

– There are people in WWE who don’t know this for sure but strongly suspect there is some kind of working agreement between Ring of Honor and WWE. There are also people in ROH who think the same thing. At the same time, people on both sides insist there is nothing going on between the two companies.

Sources insist that some of the things CM Punk spoke about in his infamous RAW promo a few weeks back will start finding their way onto WWE TV soon. For example, Punk talked about Triple H taking over and he began that storyline on this week’s RAW. Punk also mentioned John Laurinaitis and Colt Cabana, both who appeared on WWE TV in the past week. While Cabana wasn’t named by the announcers, he was shown at ringside on Money in the Bank and was photographed with Punk and the WWE Title in Chicago after the pay-per-view. Punk also mentioned Ring of Honor, which adds to the speculation that WWE may be working with them.

For what its worth, Cabana has told at least one indy promotion that he’s worked regularly with that he’s not taking any more bookings with them after next month.


  • LVW

    CM- do you know what the term “hypothetical” or the phrase “no way it will happen” means?


    LVW is dreaming or on some crucial drung

  • LVW

    Hypothetically speaking and no way it will happen; BUT…. Bryan cashes in and wins the World Title on the night his contract runs out; he leaves and takes it to ROH(where Punk will be reestablished); then ROH has a BIG PPV with Punk vs Bryan(title vs title)match as the main event.

  • Stumpy

    @CC – I see your point but let’s remember that the Rock/Cena main event was set up a year in advance. I’m not saying that Danielson will hold out that long or that the storylines won’t change, I was just stating what was reported. I would much rather see your theory instead and have him take the WHC and go back and forth between the Big E and ROH in a double-cross type of storyline with Punk, KoW, WGTT, and the rest. That would make for possibly interesting storylines so it probably won’t happen…

  • Bill

    @venom, I think it’s a cover up. “Non-televised deal”? What kind of crap is that? If info that Lesnar & Heyman were returning to TV leaked out, then wouldn’t it ruin the storyline? I say that they will return to TV, but that’s just my opinion.

  • CC

    @Stumpy. What Danielson is saying is worthless, as its not his choice.
    As much as I like the guy, I cannot believe WWE would have him main event WM (strictly speaking he wouldnt be main eventing anyway as the Rock/Cena match has already taken that honour), so WWE would not be pulling a fast one.
    Plus, where would that leave the Royal Rumble winner if the WWE title is already spoken for (speculating that Cena gets it back for WM), and Danielson is challenging for the World title?

    I do see Danielson going the RVD route, and actually having a proper match rather than the opportunistic “match” like most MITB winners.

    Also factor in thats we all know that storylines are always being changed at the drop of the hat because Vince and creative changed their minds, so anything that is said now, may be different by tomorrow.

  • @JIR What if TNA is also involved in that angle? Then you’re pretty much asking for a repeat from ten years ago.

  • venom

    Punk also mention Lesnar and Heyman. So that would explain that non televised deal with them.

  • JIR

    I would be great to see Punk appear on ROH and recruit some guys then attack the WWE as a better(couldn’t get worse)Invasion angle

  • Stumpy

    Well Danielson stated he won’t cash in his MITB contract until WM28 so that he can main event. Unless they pull a fast one and do it a lot sooner, I doubt a storyline with ROH will last that long. They could change his storyline though to mesh with a possible ROH line though. We shall see…

  • CC

    And then of course there is the Kings of wrestling supposedly going to WWE and Benjamin signing a ROH contract after doing those dark shows for WWE.

    Probably nothing in it, but it certainly makes for an interesting conspiracy theory looking for clues.

  • CC

    Another thing just sprang to mind that could be related to a possible working relationship, is that maybe its the reason Danielson won the MITB. Maybe he will actually win the World title, then in some kind of crossover with ROH, could turn on WWE.

    Yeah, I know its a longshot, but its still possible if there is any truth in the rumours.

  • Kyle

    This comment is totally un-related to the story, but why is the home page of W-E not updating? I’m having to view all the new stories through Twitter.

  • Titan

    What the f*ck will happen to the Nexxus?!

  • Stumpy

    I had a feeling something like this could happen. Both of them could benefit highly from this union.

  • rko

    This would be close to the ECW-WWE cross over when Jerry Lawler appeared on ECW tv.

  • CC

    To be honest, during that RAW promo where he mentioned ROH and Cabana, I did start to think that they may be doing something similar to what ECW did with WWF all those years ago.

    Could be quite useful for ROH to do a tie up with WWE from a financial point of view.

  • Marky Mark

    “For what its worth, Cabana has told at least one indy promotion that he’s worked regularly with that he’s not taking any more bookings with them after next month.”

    Wonder who it is. I wonder if it’s JCW, cause Cabana works there A LOT. Matter fact he’s doing JCW today (July 20th). He’s also slated for The Gathering though in August where he’s doing stand-up comedy and wrestling. I know Truth Martini also will be leaving JCW as a regular cause he has signed with ROH officially. My friend works for JCW and he just told me this yesterday.

    Interesting stuff indeed.

  • Bingo Nik

    Totally called this in the MITB Bingo’s Breakdown column below.

    All hail Bingo!

    (I’m rarely right, so let me enjoy this).