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Speculation on WWE’s GM Storylines and Devon Working for WWE

– Regarding Devon heading to WWE, it has been noted by someone in the company that people in WWE really liked Devon, far more than Bully Ray, but they don’t believe there’s a good chance that he will be brought back. WWE could end up hiring Devon as an agent or trainer since he and Ray have turned out a few decent prospects at their Team 3D Academy in Florida. As noted before, it’s believed Devon has left TNA while Ray will be staying.

– Within WWE, it’s believed that since both RAW and SmackDown General Managers are having problems is not a storyline coincidence. The current angles are that AJ Lee is incompetent and crazy while Booker T is being sued by one of his announcers. The feeling is that this will lead to Vince McMahon firing both of them so he can bring in a major name to run both shows.



  • Little Jimmy

    Iron Sheik 4 GM!

    “Sheiky Baby put Whole roster of piece of shit no good motherfucker’s in Camel Clutch, Fuck Their Ass, Break their Back and make them HumBEL like fucking fag worser than the Michael Jordan son of a Bitch the Bren Blair”

    Iron Sheik should be the President of the United States.

  • Diesel

    Two words: Paul Heyman

    The guy was fantastic as Smackdown GM last time & they could some how incorporate it into the storyline given what happened on Raw

  • Ratero

    Bring back a heel Flair to be the GM. He did a great job as the heel wcw president, screwing everyone. William Regal as GM was pretty good too.

  • Best In The World

    Austin Flair or Michaels for gm

  • Bill

    I’d love Flair as GM, but I feel Big Johnny will return to take back the job. Flair should manage Ziggler when he returns, but he could be GM, too. D-Von should manage PTP, but then they turn on him, opening up Bubba Ray to return for a Duldey Boys reunion.

  • CC

    “Within WWE, itโ€™s believed that since both RAW and SmackDown General Managers are having problems is not a storyline coincidence. ”
    Why on Earth would it be looked on as a coincidence by anyone?
    They were hired at the same time, had issues within weeks and have both been mentioned by the same talents as being incompetent etc.

    If anyone withing WWE actually thinks its a coincidence then they are in the wrong business.

  • Dave

    Ever notice how occasionally Yofits posts one of his trolling posts and accidentally hits on a great idea.

  • Jon

    But for Raw GM. Defiantly SCSA.

  • Jon

    One name that not being discuss but should be JBL. He would be a perfect GM with his consertive gimmick and he can create a new cabinet out of Booker T assistants. My vote for JBL.

  • stockshark28

    Its going to be Shawn Michaels he was on Montell Williams talking about it.

  • Heyman for GM…..AGAIN!, but I can see wwe making it flair

  • StocktonJoe

    IMHO only –

    Flair would be a disaster as GM.
    Kevin Nash would be a disaster as GM.
    Scott Steiner would be ENTERTAINING, but that ain’t gonna happen.
    I don’t see Devon in the role of GM.
    My vote would be Paul Heyman.
    Eve Torres would be interesting as GM, but I don’t see that happening either. – Same thing goes for Vickie Guerrero.

    But when all is said and done, I bet it’ll be HHH.


    flair sure bt it could also b HEYMAN or they could really shock the world n bring in somebody we aint expecting but it could go either way #imjustsayin

  • Prince


  • Prince

    It’s definitely gonna be Flair.

  • Aiden1990

    Make flair and Herman gm !!

  • Whatever

    AJ was unexpected but for the long run it’s not an option I think, same for Booker T, Flair would be very nice.

  • Matt

    bring flair!

    Wooooooooooooooooooo! ๐Ÿ˜›