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Speculation on Zack Ryder’s Absence from WWE TV and Possible Network Show

– As seen on Monday’s RAW Supershow, WWE apparently wrote Zack Ryder out of the storylines for the time being. There had been talk for weeks of keeping Ryder off TV for some time.

While this isn’t confirmed, there are now rumblings that Ryder is away filming a movie or some kind of program, possibly for the WWE Network.

After we noted a few weeks ago that WWE reached an agreement with “The Luke & Duane Show” to feature the song “Just Take Care, Spike Your Hair (The Broski of the Week Song)” on WWE programming. Speculation now is that Ryder may be away filming episodes of his “Z! True Long Island Story” YouTube show for the Network. Again, none of this is confirmed – just talk.

WWE has just pulled Ryder from his appearance with Kelly Kelly at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans.

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  • Zack Ryder, We comin for you nigga!

  • Zack Ryder, We comin for you nigga!

  • Pete.. the guys in whitecoats will be here to get you soon. Don’t worry.

  • sexy pete

    Woo woo woo. U know I have a big rock hard WOODY in my pants

  • bic boi

    This could make sense this Zack Tweeted he was working on episode 51 last week

  • Lord KGM

    Wrestling edge come on now…Zack Ryder? Let’s get serious.