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Spike Officials Down on Dixie Carter, News on Bound For Glory & Mickie James

– Mickie James will face Jessie Belle Smothers at the Veteran’s Day Wrestling Extravaganza on November 11th in Duncansville, PA at the USANG Hollidaysburg Readiness Center. Also in action will be ECW Original Shane Douglas.

– Stan sent word that Sunday’s TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view had 92 minutes and 26 seconds of in-ring wrestling, down from the previous month.

– Spike TV officials have reportedly lost a lot of faith in Dixie Carter after she pushed them on the way they were doing the angle to get The Main Event Mafia back together last year. TNA spent months of building the angle with Dixie telling Spike that she had Kevin Nash and Booker T locked in. Booker and Nash both ended up in WWE, which led to no Main Event Mafia and the Fortune babyface turn on Immortal, ending up with a feud that went nowhere for the most part.

Related to this, Eric Bischoff has more power in TNA these days because Spike TV is working directly through him.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • tombstonepildriver

    id still bang the shit out of Dixie

  • Ironcross

    i cant wait for dixie to have a press confernece after TNA dies

  • dave

    what’s really ironic about this is that one of the reasons they didn’t bring Paul Heyman in was because he wanted to get rid of people like nash.. dixie turned him down because she didn’t want to fire them and a month late both booker and nash left.

  • adam

    NO shit there lossing faith in her. She has no clue how to run a good wrestling company like i have said a million times before she was just a rich girl with a big check book that wanted to make a HUGE purchase so she baught tna. She isnt like vince were she owns it but knows how to run it. And the nash booker stuff proved it i mean you dont say you have someone till you have them. Thats one of the reasons nash voided his contract with tna is beause she spoiled it with her hole HUGE SUPRISE tweats and he wanted it to be an actual suprise when he came back.

  • scooter

    so the network turned heel (IT’S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!)

  • Steve

    TNA needs a new, wrestling minded voice. And no, I’m not talking about Heyman or Ross. Who am I talking about? I don’t have anyone in mind and that’s exactly the type of person they need. When Bischoff rose to power, he was not a recognized name in the business. This is what TNA needs, someone that cares about wrestling but doesn’t necessarily have a long track record. No more Bischoffs, Hogans, Russos, etc.

  • CC

    Dixie is moron, but is Bischoff any better?

  • venom

    RIP TNA Impact Wresting 2011