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Is Spike Not Renewing TNA Because of Vince Russo?, More Details on Impact Being Dropped

– We noted before via that Spike TV’s decision not to renew TNA’s Impact Wrestling contract came just a few days after Spike found out Russo was still working with TNA.

Spike was not happy when they found out Russo was still working for TNA. While there’s speculation that this could have been the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” there was still no new deal in place 2 weeks ago, before they found out Russo still had ties to TNA.

It’s said that Russo’s involvement with TNA played a big factor in Spike not renewing Impact but they likely would not have renewed anyway.

When the news of Russo working with TNA was recently confirmed, there were a lot of people in TNA worried because of what’s happening now.


  • CJ

    There he goes again, granted Russo did help launch the attitude era he also had his ideas filtered by Vince. Without that filter we get the bullshit that destroyed WCW, Im still bitter about that without higher authority that knows the business, Nicholas is right Russo is a huge cancer that will destroy promotion after promotion. Seems like the beginning of the end for TNA, I wasn’t a huge fan, especially after Sting left, but I wanted them to succeed so that the quality of wrestling goes up everywhere. Sad.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Vince Russo is a cancer where every he goes the wrestling company soon fold up there talent. He is the reason why there is no WCW today. The man that keeps saying he made the WWE to what it was in the Attitude era has nothing to show for it just one huge lie. It was always Vince Mac pulling the string and Vince Russo knows it.


    Man this is a mess, why would TNA keep Vince Russo like this under table. Any body knows Dixe Carter and someone should have pulled her to the side and told her that this was a bad move for the company