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Spike TV Planning a Re-branding, Could Changes Hurt TNA & Impact Wrestling?

– Spike TV officials made it clear at a conference of marketing executives earlier this month that they will be re-branding the network and are looking to change their image from one that mainly targets males 18-34 to one that goes after both males and females 18-49.

Spike is expecting to lose UFC programming and it’s being speculated that the new direction for Spike may hurt TNA and their Impact Wrestling show, despite Impact doing well for Spike’s demographic. Spike dropping TNA seems unlikely at this point because Impact Wrestling still doubles the network’s average rating and is affordable. If TNA were dropped from Spike, it would hurt the company big time unless they could secure another national TV deal.

Spike made no mention of TNA at the conference while focusing on other shows. UFC was barely mentioned.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Corey

    Yet another station gearing towards both male and female audience’s. There is way to many station’s that gear towards women only as is, so SPIKE finally changes that only to make another stupid move in gearing it for both. I’m tired of that junk that’s out there, TV shows to movies making women into men and men getting less opportunities in the film and television business as a result. SPIKE has NEVER liked or supported Wrestling. The proof is in the pudding. First it was ECW back when they were TNN, they screwed ECW over by not promoting the product enough. Then came the WWE. Again SPIKE screwed them over. Now UFC and then I guarantee TNA Impact is next. If SPIKE does this then I’m no longer watching it, sick of women crap all over the TV.

  • Nicholas G

    TNA is there own worst enemy to allow a network to control there own faith it terrible. WWE never let this happen they can move from any network they want at anytime because WWE still bring in people to watch there shows. Will TNA been pissing in the wind for a long time not building there roster with young talent always signing these old guys who really is more dead weight then anything else. I mean Hogan, Sting, Scott Stiener, RVD and a bunch of these old WWE and WCW guys has been sucking the life out of TNA. If TNA would have just keep building with the younger guys TNA would still be a good wrestling product that another network would bring them aboard. I know TNA marks don’t want to here this because they feel that TNA is a big competition to the WWE but it not. The fact that WWE can talk about TNA on there own program now tells you WWE has and never fault TNA was a big threat. I would have love for WWE to have gone to war with TNA someday. But TNA just kept rushing everything to fast and not really building there own guys from within. To me TNA just looks like a mess and I just don’t care what happens in TNA anymore. At least ROH is showing some life then again it seems like WWE is willing to help ROH out in some level. But TNA to me just got to many old wrestling guys with big egos that don’t really care who they step on to get there own way. To me is like the old WCW all over again. An most likely it is going to end up like the old WCW. Bought an own by Vince Mac. Can you just see the Raise and Fall of TNA DVD coming out in a couple of year.

    In closing TNA marks go ahead call me a hater but I am not. Because I already said that ROH is on a better track that TNA. At least even ROH is not worried about going up against WWE. At least ROH is willing to expect the fact that WWE is just to big an is willing to just be them self and not worried about WWE. TNA has never done that because they have filled them self up with guys who really don’t have the heart or the mind to step away and let the young guys run the show.

  • Justin


    CHIKARA has some wit, which I enjoy, in addition to the great wrestling.

    It’s funny because while I enjoy ROH and this new generation of wrestlers, I miss the heavyweights and their main event-type gimmicks an old-school style of wrestling showcased pre-2002. You know what I mean? I feel like wrestling is missing that, and I’m not sure when we’ll see it again.

  • @Justin This is pretty much why CHIKARA is better than WWE in terms of PG wrestling. You had great matches and they were still PG, because their wrestlers are better trained. CHIKARA has its characters, but they still delivered a great show because of better wrestling and better writing.

  • Justin

    @ SHawn, Eric, and Adam

    I feel like the PG rating is not the worst. What I do think is that they have to toughen up the language and the trash talk, but not necessarily curse, ya know? I think that Vince and Corporate these days, as well as the wrestlers and writers are under the impression that by having PG, they have to appeal to children so much that they have to throw in corny jokes and skits that they would appreciate (Hornswaggle), create a superhero-type gimmick that smiles and loves the fans (overly-used John Cena), and instigate conflict between angry, villainous, annoying, and whiny heels and hero/save-the-day/ “we’re all friends” baby-faces. It’s lame, it’s repetitive, and it is conducive to bad writing in acting.

    In my opinion, they have to change the writing and train the wrestlers better in terms of wrestling and acting (they all have to relax and do them, kind of like the ‘Tude Era). I also think they should stop zooming into the moves and cutting so fast but that’s another issue altogether lol.

  • Jon

    Even though Spike rebranding doesn’t mean it TNA is going away, they always can go back to FSN or the other cable networks.

  • Eric Nixon

    @Shawn and Adam – I agree 100% that TNA has talent. But I don’t see guys like Mr. Anderson or Beer Money thriving in a PG company. I believe that a PG program would become a glass ceiling for a lot of TNA wrestlers.

  • @Shawn I totally agree. A PG rating does not make a bad show. Bad wrestling and booking make a bad show. I just saw a video of DB during the time he was fired from WWE. It’s the video where he makes fun of TNA. I remember he made this statement that Eddie Kingston kicked him in the head as hard as he could and it was still PG.

    @Eric Nixon They actually do have the talent. TNA is bloated with talent, but the shitty booking has dwindled down their fanbase.

  • JIR

    I specifically remember posting about this last night along with @therealwrestlinggod. If they drop TNA they should go and try to buy out the ROH deal with Sinclar Broadcasting so the masses can see what real wrestling is

  • CC

    I dont see how the new direction would hurt TNA as surely anyone who watches would still continue to watch, regardless of how the station is branded. Plus, they are hardly pulling in any new fans, so any change to the network could only help them or keep them the same.

  • Shawn

    Honestly, I think that if Spike told TNA to go “PG”, they might actually benefit. You don’t need cursing, blood and adult situations to make a good wrestling show. What do you need? Wrestling! And TNA has some damn good wrestlers. WWE is just now realizing this, but their FCW system hasn’t produced wrestlers, but sports entertainers (and not even good ones either!).

  • Eric Nixon

    TNA doesn’t have the talent or the fanbase to survive a change to PG.

  • Bill

    @Adam, Well, in all fairness, if they’re trying to appeal to women now, why would they have MANswers? Haha, just sayin’. As for TNA, if they do get canceled & go under, I’d like to see AJ Styles finally come to the WWE, & maybe Samoa Joe, too.

  • I hope Spike will keep UFC, 1000 Ways to Die, MANswers, Deadliest Warrior, and Blue Mountain State. That’s about it. Drop the CSI reruns and TNA. Just don’t give Spike TV a uterus.

  • venom

    R.I.P Watered down WWE. How else is Flair going to pay his exwives??

  • The real wrestling god

    I don’t think Spike will drop them but they might tell them to change up their product maybe Tna goes pg.

  • Steve

    R.I.P TNA or Impact Wrestling or WCW 2.0 or ECW 3.0 or WWE Lite (or whatever you’re calling yourself these days).