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More on Spike TV Not Renewing TNA’s Impact Contract, What Dixie Reportedly Told Employees

– As noted earlier, TMZ is reporting that Spike TV will not be renewing TNA’s contract for Impact Wrestling in October when it expires.

There were reports that Dixie Carter gave the impression to staff last week that they were leaving Spike on their own, due to a lack of promotion. However, other sources have confirmed that Spike told Dixie they weren’t renewing the deal.

The decision came just a few days after Spike officials found out that Vince Russo is still working for TNA.


  • Lori A McDonald

    Maybe the ROH guys should snag the deal with SPIKE TV, and have a competent person in charge of things. There are plenty of talented wrestlers who need jobs, and there are tons of talented people still wanting to break into the business. Obviously, you have to start at the bottom before you can work your way up. If you don’t have a family member either working for, or has worked for WWE, then the next best place to start is the ROH. If enough of us fans make enough noise to SPIKE TV, maybe they will listen.
    SPIKE TV executives: make a deal with Ring of Honor for TV action.

  • Solid

    Unfortunately that guy would have been Jeff Jarrett and she went and muscled him out, so she gets whatever she deserves.

    Now we just wait and see what happens, hopefully all the wrestlers don’t end up out of a job but that’s a possibility after this.

  • Solid

    ah ok, I’m not in the US so I wasn’t sure.


    After reading other post this is truly a complete mess, Dixe Carter has her self to blame for this. to have Vince Russo still working for TNA even when SPIKE TV said they didn’t like the guy in the first place. Someone in that comapany should have pulled Dixe Carter to the side and told her that this is a bad move for the compnay, that Carter should have fired Russo the first time. So the Spike Tv could have a good working Relationship with TNA


    Okay I have to agree with you on that point, but will also have to lay blame on Dixe Carter. Because of her lack of know how in wrestling, is whats bring this company down. You not only have to look at the Product but how it was use. Just resent TNA went back to the six side ring, they even did a TV tapeing in New York. it look like to me that they want to go into the Attude Ear with the wrestlers they have. Dixe Carter Lost control of the company now she doesn’t know what to do.

  • Chris E.

    ROH is on ABC in my area on Friday nights at 1:05 or 1:10. They have a TV deal through Sinclair Broadcast Group(?). I think that is correct?

  • oppa

    So according to the last sentence, this is Vince Russo’s fault? Come on. TNA hasn’t been the same since Dixie pushed out Jeff Jarrett and the people he had around him that actually knew wrestling. When people who don’t love wrestling get involved with the product, we see things like the TNA debacle and WWE “creative” effect on the shows. Besides, Hogan and Bischoff are as much to blame for TNA’s current state as anyone. They had no business trying to convince people that they could ever go head to head with WWE, when TNA was always an alternative to WWE. I just hope they can get some kind of TV deal and can stay in business. Otherwise, a lot of people will be out of a job and Dixie will have firm proof of why she should never be allowed to run the family business in the future.

  • Ray Myer

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Pissed Off Fan

    This sucks! I always joked about TNA going down but this might be their time. The only reason I hate this is because WWE doesn’t really have competition and WWE and TNA are honestly the two biggest/known companies in America. WWE will try even less because they’ll be the last remaining company. ROH still isn’t strong enough. Which bothers me how a lot of ROH guys end up leaving and joining WWE like the old school ECW. I can’t really see a TV channel picking up a company that has been losing fans and bad ratings. TNA NEEDS to do somthing awesome and insane to get the fans talking and WWE interested cause that how we the fans see better product

  • Solid

    If they can last that long without a TV deal.

  • Jason Lentini

    I can see the headlines now “Russo ruins another company”. If that is the reason Spike decided not to renew maybe if TNA lets Russo go Spike will work with them again.