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Spoiler: Change to the World Title Elimination Chamber Match, Updated Card

– Due to injury, Randy Orton was pulled from the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber match at this Sunday’s pay-per-view. A battle royal was held at the Smackdown tapings to determine who would fill Orton’s spot in the Chamber and that battle royal was won by none other than Santino Marella.

Here’s what looks to be the final card for Sunday’s pay-per-view:

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title
The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title
Santino Marella vs. The Great Khali vs. Big Show vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Divas Title Match
Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix

Ambulance Match
Kane vs. John Cena

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I want to see Christian in the Elimination Chamber match…

  • chronoxiong

    Santino in the Elimination Chamber match? Bro, are you serious?

  • Blah

    The best thing about living in the UK is that we get PPVs like this for free! Of course they’re on at ridiculous times in the morning, but when a PPV like this only has 4 matches announced (and I can see the possibility of Epico/Primo vs The Usos for the tag team title and a Brodus Clay match flung in there somewhere)it means we don’t have to pay for whatever the WWE is gambling on this year!

  • venom

    I would rather see Ryback, Ryan, or Clay as the replacement instead of Santino.

  • hbk fan

    and new world champion Santino

  • TS93

    Barrett v Sheamus wm 28. Their rivalry is too good to drop and Brian’s bitchgimmick is 8000 times worse than Christians. No ah in chamber=Bryan will lose

  • ogitchida

    well itz obviously that big show or daniel will win the match…. im leaning torwards some stuuuupid ending again like royal rumble where he keeps the titla n faces sheamus at mania…… WEAK !!!!!!!

  • d

    Christian beats down santino and gets his 1 more match (only smackdown star that makes sense)

  • Sam Peters

    I can see McIntyre/Christian taking out Santino and replacing him in the EC or maybe they will have him in the final two again just like the RR last year 😛

  • Stevie P

    The problem is that the WWE roster is so thin that this is what happens. You have a low-mid carder in the Elimination Chamber. The need to get consolidate the rosters has never been bigger.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Calling it now, Cobra is going to take the gold!

  • Bill

    Well, there really isn’t anyone else talented on the Smackdown roster….. except DREW MCINTYRE!

  • Bill

    Well, there really isn’t anyone else talentd on the Smackdown roster….. except DREW MCINTYRE!

  • KpNuttzLol

    The sad thing is there is not many competitors that could really make a difference since it is mainly Low and Mid Card talent. They could have selected more wisely though, maybe add someone like Gabriel for a “wow” factor through some high risk moves or Jinder Mahal to compete against Khali.

    The only other options are for Henry to ambush Santino and make his way into the match like Edge did with Kofi or have Sheamus decide he wants to win the Elmination Chamber.

  • Dazzling Daz B

    I think Santino will get a beat down backstage by an unknown attacker. Then there will be another 6th member announced but it will be a surprise. The return of Christian. Well thats my hope anyway!!!!

  • Notingham

    Hell…I’m more pissed that Khali is freaking in the match. Does anyone want to see this guy anymore? And he gets a world title match after having been gone for months….with no cache before that to speak of?

    Hopefully they will at least do something funny with Santino. Like it or not, he is entertaining.

  • Champ

    Is this a joke?

  • k91xxx

    That’s cool a change from the norm suxxx about rko he should not have rushed back ! But my man the american dragon! Will win!

  • Mabry

    4 matches, that sucks…. who would wanna pay for this?, specially having the gret khali in one of those. i personally have no trouble seing Santino in the martch, maybe he could actually wrestle (which i believe he can) and put a good show, but if hes once again shown just clowning arround than i wouldnt understand hes inclusion…. what happened to Dibiasi, Brodus and McIntyre or even Regal, isnt he asking for a shot for some time now???….

  • beatherock

    2012 would be Santino’s year.

  • Generic Troll

    @scooter, Christian?

  • Dan

    They should have had Drew McIntyre win it, after this whole storyline of him barely keeping his job (despite many lose and you’re fired matches)have him steal a win to challenge for the World Title. Plus he had a relatively strong showing at last years Chamber match.

  • S_Napalm

    I meant Kofi, my surprise at this new entry messing with my head 😛

  • S_Napalm

    Yes, Santino is REALLY going to actually be in the match /sarcasm

    They’ll do something similar to Edge beating down Santino

  • scooter

    sad thing is I can’t think of anyone on smackdown who would have made a suitable replacement only hope was a raw midcarder to step up

  • LSC

    Santino vs Sheamus for the world title…..LOL!

  • Houndy

    And to think the stuffed shirts in Stamford will be dumbfounded when they get the buyrate report on Monday morning.

  • Whatever

    yeah santino FTW!

  • CM Mark

    LOL. Orton is such a wuss…

  • WTF??????!!!!!!! thats lame as fucc I think some of the script writers need to be suspended for the wellness policy…cause they on sumtin

  • Philzibit


  • xXx

    are you serious?