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Spoiler on Chris Jericho’s Return to WWE

– Despite other reports, PWInsider reports that the cryptic promos airing for January 2012 are meant for Chris Jericho.

News came out last week that talks fell through between WWE and Jericho. Also, Jericho recently said he would never wrestle for WWE again and when asked what he would be doing in January, he said working in Hawaii.

Word is that the deal between WWE and Jericho is not done yet but Vince McMahon wanted to get it out there now. WWE officials want Jericho on the RAW brand to help boost ratings.


  • Nicholas G

    @ CC that is basically what the internet has always been. Just trying to look for some kind of story. But nobody on the internet can every come up with real proof of anything. Like I said the whole idea that talks fell through means that the internet has no idea if Jericho is coming back or not. That just tell you the internet don’t have a lot of clues when it comes to pro wrestling.

  • RUSTanator

    mark henry vs taker for the title, taker win, bryan cash in. wrestlemania. you heard it here first.

  • CC

    These reports are becoming a joke. Jericho is in talks. Jericho talks fall through. Jericho says he isnt returning. Now Vince hasnt signed Jericho but wants to.
    Sounds a lot like nobody knows anything, so stories are either being guessed at or are just being repeated over and over and over again.

    Lets just admit, nobody knows anything, and all the dirtsheets are just throwing out every possibility knowing that at least one rumour will end up true.

  • Edo. Risk

    …Upun the New (Y)ear, on the Second (2) day of (J)anuary!

    Foley vs. Taker. as k2 would sa C’MON!
    Use the Streak to elevate the young superstar, not to create another Dinosour match.
    Barret is a great oponent.
    Cody too, but Dustin is pushin for a Goldust match.

  • venom

    I missed the promo.

  • Ryan

    lets put it this way…the promo is for someone, but wwe havent signed them im gunna just say that promo will be fobbed off onto the undertaker like 2 21 11 was…

  • Me

    Brodus clay will probably end up getting delayed until the new year so maybe the promo is for him LOL

  • Breezy

    Undertaker wont face a legend because no one wants to take the backseat to the rock, so for talks of cm punk vs austin, it wont happen until wm 29. Make more money that way, why u think boxing doesnt put all main event fights in one ppv.

  • MrDr3w

    Mike Adamle will come back to reclaim what’s rightfully his — the position of RAW GM!!!!!!!

  • nick

    cody rhodes will make it 19-1!

  • Karl

    OMG no one wants to see see wrestle the Taker!!! Talk about a crapfest that would be.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    i think the best person to go for the streak should be Mick Foley!
    Think about it, Mick Foley vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28

  • Matt

    not that I hate barrett or anything but I don’t think hes worthy of facing Undy at wrestlemania. Especially since its for the 20-0 win.

  • Nicholas G

    I think Undertaker is going to be facing Wade Barrett at WM 28 for some reason.

  • Prince

    So earlier today it was confirmed that the cryptic promo wasn’t for Jericho, and now it’s confirmed that it is for Jericho. Ok then. Glad we all know what’s going on, lol.

  • chronoxiong

    Vince, having all the top stars on RAW still won’t make a difference. Open your eyes.

  • Matthew Carter

    At first I thought it was for Jericho, then Undertaker. Earlier this afternoon, I thought it would be for Skip Sheffield when he returns as Ryback (the Terminator gimmick he has going on right now) based on how the little twitter ad on Raw last night did the black and white static screen. After watching the youtube video, I am convinced it’s Chris Jericho.

  • The mark

    The timing fits perfectly – Punk will have just beaten Del Rio at TLC to end their feud. The night after is the fallout, the next week the teasers will have gone into overdrive, then the week after is Jan 2. Jericho will want reclaim what’s his – the title of Best In The World.

    Undertaker won’t be back until about early/mid-feb.

  • Nicholas G

    Maybe WWE and Chris Jericho wanted to let the internet think talks fell though you know how the WWE love to play with the internet mind.

  • Jon

    Well after last night who knows. Wasn’t Johan Hill last night but he didn’t show up.

  • josh fall,river, ma

    Bullshit 200% guarantee its wcw returning to take back there belts world hvy & u.s….with wwe network debuting in April 2012 there gonna have many companies throughout the week wcw ecw fcw nxt lucha usa and if rumors are true nwo. Wwe will no longer be a company within a industry it will be the industry the embodiment of all the worlds wrestling entertainment….dixie get on those knees and suck vinces dick for a time slot.

  • Effmenow

    Jericho vs. Taker- WM 28

  • Jay

    The guessing game was fun while it lasted.