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Possible Spoiler: CM Punk Reveals His HIAC Opponent?

– reports that John Cena has another medical evaluation scheduled for Monday and that’s when they will confirm his status for the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Several different booking scenarios have been discussed over the past few days.

In a possible spoiler, CM Punk cut a promo at the beginning of last night’s WWE Supershow in Jonesboro, Arkansas and told fans that he would be defending the WWE Title against Cena at Hell In a Cell.

  • Men on a Mission

    If Cena is injured (or even if he isn’t), the right way to book this:

    Punk v. Ryback with interference from Lesnar helping Punk, while Cena sits ringside.

  • Tombstone

    Nice comment, While I still disagree with alot of it I do respect your opinion and the way you handle criticism without getting all bent out of shape like a lot of the people on this site.

  • David

    @Tombstone no I don’t mean to give up when you do you’re best match or work for that matter. You should never say “I can’t top that” but what has he honestly done to impress since that match? Do you think he will ever top that match considering Cena is falling apart now? Every wrestler comes to a point where they can either keep wrestling and suck or take a break for a few years come back see if they can do it the same or stop. Good example is Rey, I like him but he hasn’t been the same like Cena since his Knee surgerys and he isn’t as consistent. CM Punk is about the last chance Cena has now or any time in next few years probably who could have a great match with him as good technical wrestlers match up good against Cena.

    Really I like Sheamus as Heel or Face. I’m just not as big on Sheamus when he talks as I think he needs to work on it a little. Also I don’t personally care if they are Face or Heel as long as they cut the promos and show me why they deserve to be there. I like Ryder & Santino if they didn’t act as dumb they have the ability to do better. I also like the pottential of Usos and Primo & Epico but they probably won’t get fa since tag team is basicly dead. Clay is fine if he didn’t do the dance crap and would be a little more serious. And no that doesn’t mean he needs to be heel I like him as face better then heel since he doesn’t come across well as heel. R-Truth can stay face if he starts doing better matches and gets the push he should.
    I like Christian as Face or Heel if he can stop getting hurt. Orton NEEDS to be Heel. I would like Ziggler to drop vickie then become a face and let him prove how good he is. Btw sorry if I ranted to much.

  • mtlhitman

    Even if im not a Cena fans they still notice he as lots of fans,selling tons of merchandise,still can be used for promo’s’and help out new talent to make them look good by winning against him…CM Punk not respected?lol where in a storyline? 1/4 or more of the fans buy acm punk shirt,1/2 of tna fans like him,wwe giving him the title is another exemple of him been loved and respected.Miz is no mr.perfect,ryder with or without is current gimmick would never be a top stars,Ryback not ready for long run as a main eventer,Jack Swagger as some potential but he is and never will be a Kurt Angle plus these days 2003-2012 wrestlers getting fast push,winning titles fast,paying no dues,1950-2001 they had to work hard to get their job,no tv reality show,no internet,no dvd, working far for 1/8 of the money they are making now,paying dues real dues,ted dibiase-jake the snake robert-roddy pipper-owen hart-british bulldog-mr.perfect great wrestlers hard worker good hell or babyface great on the mic but never had a chance in their early or best years to be world champ lol CM Punk-Mizz-Sheamus-Swagger are lucky to have touch gold in their early wwe years paying dues as changed and if all fans always bash wrestling days after days just let them wrestle paying their dues go support them live check raw and smackdown just cut the crap stop been a bunch of haters and quit watching it !

  • luckysalt

    @tombstone heels are just more fun to watch.
    Heels lead a fued, faces are dull, usually same old shit, thats why people get fed up with Cena.
    HHH is a good face, HBK was a good face, Savage was a good face, Hogan, Warrior, Piper.

    But there aren’t many around today, Orton, Santino, Clay, Truth all awful faces.

    Ryder was a great face but they took away his momentium and now hes lost in the shuffle.

    Kofi is about the best face they have right now, he has untapped potential, he seems to be getting more into promos. Guy could go far.

  • kolton

    I think this is a perfect time to set up lesnar, punk, and heyman as a stable. Have ryback face punk and lesnar interfere. That could lead to plenty of good things.

  • Tombstone

    Yeah you are right—-It is way too damn long! Rant much?
    One comment stuck out as funny to me, you said Cena should have quit after his match with HBK on Raw because it was his best match. Not sure what you do for a living but are we to assume that when you put in your very best day at work you are then going to quit?

    @@RealAllen23 @Twitter
    Personally I like Shameus. The thing I have noticed about this site is that more of the people here would be singing praises for Shameus is he was a heel. Nobody seems to like the faces much on here.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    @David “Talent like, “Sheamus” Really?.. Really? Really…Really? as Miz would Say 😛

  • Tombstone

    Sick and tired of all this “Shoving Cena Down Our Throats” bullshit! Nobody is shoving anything down your throats. In order to be shoving Cena down your throats they would be having to force you to watch him, You have the choice of changing the channel dumbasses.

  • Tom

    Ryback will turn heel, destroy the cage and then Cena. I betcha

  • Zedd

    Cena has lost almost every match this year and yet he gets a thousand title shots, what the fuck is up with that, How about pushing someone else instead of shoving this idiot Cena down our throats once again.

  • David

    Btw I want to correct the only mistake I made was that my life and the newer John Cena experience has the main matches that my life missed since the point of My Life was to show you how he became who he was till 2008 hence the name My Life… John Cena Experience shows who Cena became after 2008 and the other matches they didn’t fit on My life basicly along with the few passable matches after 2008 sad thing is that Cena vs Shawn in the one hour match didn’t make it and they showed a difrent one somehow? Btw no I DON’T OWN JOHN CENA EXPERIENCE I WATCHED THE MAIN MATCHES OF IT ON NETFLIX lol. So anyways Sorry for that mistake other then that everything else was right other then I said t instead of to but I’m on my phone so oh well.

  • David

    This will be long even annd any of you who don’t feel like reading can skip this and click dislike just for it being so long and hard to comprehend.btw no this didnnt take very long even on my phone to type up..the only reason you people hate people who comment like me is cause I will say things you won’t I will tell people the truth whether they like it or not and I’m sure I’ve lost most of you by now… so let’s get it over with.

    John Cena should just leave as I won’t miss him. He already has had the best matches he will ever do unless CM Punk can manage to make a current Cena match look better then when Punk won it in his hometown to leave and come back there isn’t any point. Cena put in the best matches of his career back in 2008.. last good fued he did was Edge. Only other match really that’s been good enough since was Cena and HBK in the hour long match on Raw… Cena should quit after that…..

    Then the icing on the cake shoulda been losing to the Rock at WrestleMania.. I was hoping that was it but no…losing to Rock who no matter what he did before hadn’t wrestled in ages comes back and looks as good as Cena even has since 2008 in his first match back other then the stupid tag match with Cena…? Wow good job… after Punk takes him to wrestling school Cena should damn quit.. if anybody wants the best of Cena it already exists… the old Cena My Life dvd they made years ago had every Cena match he did that was worth a crap on it almost and tells you the whole John Cena story yet I’m sure that WWE will create a lot more Cena dvds somehow…

    Let the real talent shine like Punk, Sheamus, Bryan, Dolph, Cody, Swagger who shoulda been WWE’s next Kurt Angle. R under used Truth who was the first ever black NWA Heavyweight Champion! Let him have a chance to do somthing instead of the god awful “little jimmy” crap he’s doing right now. When he first came back I was like he finnaly might get the respect he deserves but yet… years later he is walking around with an imaginary friend named little Jimmy? Christian came back t WWE and never lost a single match whether it was a Singles,Triple threat,four way or anything he was never beaten cleanly in TNA by pinfall or submission yet in WWE I can think of more main matches he has lost then hes won…? Santino does the worst move in wrestling history the Cobra? He acts like the damn cobra is real? Yet another talent wasted..Zack Ryder is now a complete idiot and Curt Hawkins never did crap? The Usos, Primo&Epico,Hunico, never get to look good at all hardly? Yet Sin Cara who sucks is billed as the new Rey when even old Rey is better still?

    CM Punk still after beating everyone still needs to “earn respect”? He beat everyones hero Jeff hardy in his own match a ladder match then beat him two nights later in one of the best steel cage matches in ages and hasn’t been topped since and that was two nights after him and hardy did a great ladder match? He’s beat Cena countless times, he’s beaten almost everyone in WWE more then once and he still hasn’t earned “respect”? Keep up the good Cena ass kissing WWE and great work at promoting you’re talent WWE as I could do this for like 5 or more paragraphs longer easily of you’re stupidity since the attitude era died off and you gave up just about since 2008.

  • Best In The World

    Same Old Shit Cena

  • David

    I will state again as I’ve stated everywhere not just on this site for last few weeks that everyone knows Punk vs Cena will happen unless john can’t recover which will make all the idiots have an excuse when Cena loses why Punk still sucks , hasn’t earned the ignoramuses respect( I honestly would rather be hated) and how Cena should get yet another damn match…

  • mike

    punk vs cena will be a hell of a match given 25-30 minutes. Have puck retain and then face ryback at survivor series

  • I ain’t trippin. Might be match of the year. Hell somebody might through the cell.

  • Jon

    Feed me more………..Feed me more

  • me