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  • adam

    i think nash as far as in ring is done maybe can do a few matches here and there. I think what he should do is be announced as the mystery gm him or booker one or the other.

  • erin

    yall trashed the shit out of nash for being in tna then he comes to wwe and you implant your lips on hes ass wtf?!?!?!?!

  • vinny

    nash is back.. and it looks like booker too? wow! wwe with some major surprises. And I thought the surprise rumble entrants would be hacksaw jim duggan LOL

  • tj

    of course hes in, his hair is dyed an everything else. wwe wouldnt let him in with the gray locks

  • Danarchy

    Big Daddy Cool is back home!!!!

  • Jeffrey

    Kevin Nash!!!! Welcome back!!!!

  • ye

    i hope this isnt just a one time thing

  • brian

    Big Sexy is definitely in the house!

  • CrazyDJ

    so welcome to the rumble nash ;)
    i can’t wait!