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Spoiler on Inductors for This Year’s WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

– Here are the current plans for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony:

* Steve Austin inducting Mike Tyson

* The Rock inducting the late Yokozuna

* JBL inducting Ron Simmons

* Alberto Del Rio inducting uncle Mil Mascaras

* Christian inducting Edge

* Triple H and Shawn Michaels inducting The Four Horsemen

Source: PWInsider

  • DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVaaaaaaaaaaaS

    Wonder which female will get inducted? Please not Trish, she should get inducted next year 🙂


    The Rock and Macho Man Randy Savage should be inducted

  • venom

    This looks good so far.

  • MWDynomite

    IMO even though it won’t happen because of stupid kayfabe, The Undertaker should induct Yokozuna. Yoko was his biggest threat for a while. They had one of the greatest feuds of the 90s.

  • Devil_Rising

    Edge should be the last one to be inducted. He’s the biggest star out of all of them. Ric Flair alaready got his top moment. The Four Horsemen in no way need to go on last, even though they were a huge part of wrestling history. Edge, however, has earned his way to a top spot.

  • Ronster

    I am soo happy that Yokozuna is being inducted, he was one of the best big guy wrestlers and someone I idolize as a pro wrestler myself.. Dusty Rhodes should be inducting The Horsemen, HHH and Shawn only have history with Flair.

  • Pig

    Money says HHH and Shawn will state that the Horsemen are what influenced DX.

    Can you say SUCK Job!

    Ole Anderson is and was one of the Four Horsemen!!! Screw Vince. Hell bring in Crockett to induct them….he made the money off of em.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Yeah!!! About time Ron Simmons went into the HOF… DAMN!!!

  • fivo goes west

    Just gotta ask. Why does anyone even care about the hof? Even WWE didn’t until some years back.

  • bloodstone

    i think Dusty Rhodes or maybe even magnum t.a. should do the honors

  • KpNuttzLol

    The hall of fame inductees are well deserving this year (Mike Tyson is another story though).

    I think all the people inducting them are spot on aswell. It should be a good ceremony.

  • Sammo

    That line-up looks freaking awesome to me.

  • Str0ldier

    Paul Roma should induct the Horsemen.

  • k91xx

    Its going to be a good hof this year!! Yoko & ron bout damn time !

  • Stevie P

    SMH at HHH and HBK. What history do they have with The Horsemen? Forget their history with Flair, I’m talking about The Horsemen stable. Nothing! Have Luger or someone who had some affiliation with them. Heck, Dusty Rhodes even! Just not HHH and HBK, please.