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*Spoiler* Loser Leaves WWE Match Scheduled For Extreme Rules

A match between Michelle McCool and Layla that airs on tonight’s episode of SmackDown ends in a no contest due to incessant brawling between the former tag team partners. They are eventually separated by officials.

Layla then grabs the microphone and tells McCool she’s sick of her. She challenges her to a match at Extreme Rules, with no disqualification and no count out. McCool says she will only accept the challenge if it’s a Loser Leaves SmackDown Match since she no longer has any use for her.

Though McCool announced the bout as a Loser Leaves SmackDown Match at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Greensboro, North Carolina, “WWE” is overdubbed in placed of “Smackdown” during the telecast, which has already aired in Australia.

Therefore, Michelle McCool vs. Layla at Extreme Rules will be a Loser Leaves WWE Match.

  • jus sayin

    @Assassino definitely agree, kelly kelly makes wwe haha, shes come a long way, i wonder whatever happened to that push she was having, i’d love to see her actually win a title, but you know.. kharma is coming so she’ll be first in line not kelly kelly 🙁 hottest diva for sureee

  • Mark

    They said “Loser Leaves WWE Match” in the title because it would get more clicks.

  • Assassino

    @Devil_Rising lose Kelly Kelly? are you gay? if i dont see her ass on tv i will cry, not that theres anything wrong with being gay lol :L

  • erik

    layla is terrible in ring. as heels mccool is a joke as heel. she can’t talk at all. the only work that mccool does is having sex with taker. she is bad worker taker is reason she has all these belts.

  • venom

    As much as everybody complains about LayCool. They are good workers and good heels.

  • Nick

    It will be a breath of fresh air seeing Michelle off my T.V lmao! Hopefully she is just taking time off to be with Taker, and not actually retiring like I have been hearing all day. Even though she has been shoved down our throats for nearly 3 years she is still a great worker. LayCool has been the best thing the Diva’s Division has had in years. Sad to see them break up but it’s about time haha.

  • The Great One

    i just saw smackdown and wwe attempt at dubbing over smackdown with wwe lol it was laughable, was so freaking obvious. As for McCool, she can just fuck off, go suck takers dick for a few months until he is ready to come back, then she can come back with him to raw and suck his dick there till he retires

  • EWI

    I think that Kharma will interfer in this match, Michelle loses, go Home with Taker, take some time off, and then she comes back as the All American girl, and takes on Kharma…. Hope so!

  • kpnuttzlol

    I think layla is destined to win. If taker is going to Raw then it’s obvious McCool and him will have the same schedule. Plus it would be a huge push for Layla in the womens division. Hopefully this will be the last of McCool for a while and we can see the title on some new divas

  • blah

    Just found this on another site….
    A post today on revealed that Michelle McCool is reportedly finishing up with WWE, as she will participate in a Loser Leaves Smackdown Match against former Lay-Cool partner Layla El.

    We can confirm, based on conversations with several wrestlers and a key WWE insider, this move has a lot to do with the fact The Undertaker is not scheduled for TV anytime soon, and simply wants his wife at home.

    McCool’s tenure on Smackdown has been somewhat controversial, as she has not appeared on house shows, and only works TV tapings and pay per views. This preferential treatment rubbed a lot of the full time wrestlers the wrong way, especially since so many “part-timers” were in featured roles for WrestleMania (Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Trish Stratus, Vickie Guerrero, Snooki). To make matters worse, the Cole vs Lawler match went very long at WrestleMania, taking up valuable time that others could have used to put more of a spotlight on their own match. Agent – Producer Dean Malenko was the one who laid out the Lawler vs Cole match, and that touched off a whole locker room discussion about the part timers who get so much air time, when the house shows are hurting and pay checks are down because of it.

    McCool is said to leave in WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s good graces, and is expected to return to television about the same time Undertaker appears again.

  • Bill

    Thank god! I thought this was going to be an added stipulation for the CM Punk vs. Randy Orton match…..

  • M.C

    Wait, so is the loser leaving Smackdown, or is one of them taking a break?

  • yelissa

    michelle is leaving wwe

  • Rucdogg

    I think people are putting Layla down because she is with Mccool, she has imporved big time since she won the diva search. And im def on board with a woman as hot as layla actually being able to wrestle. hope she wins

  • awesome

    michelle mccool is leaving wwe for good thats why it was changed to loser leaves wwe match. she is NOT going to raw she is gonna do other things

  • Mikey

    McCool loses the match so she can go home and take care of the Undertaker, you know because 10 months off a year isn’t helping him much. That way she can take time off because she’s the undertakers wife, and she can do whatever she wants. She was the first Diva’s Champ, the first to hold both the Women’s title and Diva’s title, and became the first unified women’s champ. Wonder how that happened??

  • EtTuBrute


    sounds like you understood it pretty well. at first they booked it as a loser leaves smackdown match, but they have since decided to book it as a loser leaves wwe match.

  • Devil_Rising

    I wish they’d both just leave WWE for good. And take Vickie and Kelly Kelly and most of the other non-wrestler broads with them.

  • Chryogenos

    So… McCool it’s gonna be fired on a PPV…
    I hope Vinnie comes out and says “Michelle McCool! Yoooouuuuuurre… FIREEEEEEEEEDDD”

  • marcum

    that story made no sense. first it was a loser leaves smackdown match and now its a loser leaves wwe match. i seriously don’t understand

  • i wont be watching THAT match


    this is ano brainer layla will win and McCool will go to Raw whitch means the Undertaker is going to RAW

  • Valo487

    So whoever loses, the audience wins? I know I wouldn’t mind seeing the emaciated McCool off TV for a while.