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*SPOILER* Main-Event For TNA Final Resolution

– The first main-event for TNA Final Resolution was announced during tonight’s iMPACT! tapings in Orlando, Florida. Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe will meet in a re-match from last night’s PPV, with a two out of three falls match with different stipulations for each fall, as below:

Fall Number One: Pinfall
Fall Number Two: Submission
Fall Number Three: Steel Cage

  • sroeballs

    Wow TNA is starting to improve. This is an awesome match & they can only get better as they become more familiar with each other.
    Haven’t been this excited for a feud since Angle v Joe & Angle v Benoit (yeah I’m a huge Angle mark lol)

  • Treg

    This seems more like something they should do for their 3rd ppv bout than their 2nd. I would’ve booked it just to be a regular 2 out of 3 falls match. Then maybe a cage in the 3rd match or something. But I guess we all know how TNA loves to throw in gimmicks with little to no build =\

  • scooter

    it does not matter who wins being in the ring with kurt angle gets people over he makes his opponent look good I would love to see wolfe win but either way he gets over

  • Ruthy

    Angle can’t win this one, too… It would make no sense… How do you start a feud with two consecutive victories over someone that nobody outside Smarks know? Can’t do it…

  • iScream4Daffney

    So they’ll be sort of in a Three Stages of Hell match. That should be pretty sweet

  • Anon (the original)

    By the way, I see Desmond getting the first fall, then Angle getting the second, with the third one being up for grabs by either (though I do think Angle will get it).

  • Anon (the original)

    Agreed. Though it’s kinda sad that Angle is not letting him go over. Nigel/Desmond is a star on the rise, and Angle is already an established veteran, so a loss for Angle would not hurt.

  • Patrick

    i see angle winning this, I cant see him losing this one

  • Monarch

    I love that Nigel got thrown in a good uppercard feud right off the bat. Lookin forward to this match after their match at Turning Point. Would like 2/3 Submissions better, but its still probably gonna be a great match.