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Spoiler: Major TNA Change Announced at the iMPACT Tapings

– At last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings, Mick Foley revealed that he is the “network” person in an in-ring segment against Hulk Hogan and Immortal.

Foley then announced that from now on, TNA iMPACT will be known as Impact Wrestling and that the show will be all about wrestling.

As noted before, TNA filed for a trademark on “Impact Wrestling” a few weeks back.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Hogan, Bischoff, and Russo are a virus on wrestling. They come in and rape it for all it’s worth, and then leave it face-down in the gutter. They killed WCW, they have effectively killed TNA, and they will kill Impact Wrestling if they are allowed to get their hands on it.

  • Treg

    All about wrestling?? Did they inform Russo about this?

    It’s a load of BS.

  • Kris

    Wanted: Any Old retired wrestler who needs income Please come with a resume to Orlando Florida, be prepared to talk, wrestle in half filled arenas and change angles as fast as you change underwear..EOE(as long as your old as heck and can’t move around the ring)
    enjoy it as a joke its not real

  • Immortal really ahs run its course. They need to end this Fortune vs Immortal faction stuff soon! Just leteveryone go back to their own individual feuds and programs. We’ve been dealing with the faction angle in TNA since Jarrett’s Army.

    Jarett’s Army vs Sting’s Warriors
    Main Event Mafia vs The Frontline
    Main Event Mafia vs World Elite
    Immortal vs TNA
    Immortal vs Fortune

    What’s next? Please, just end the factions already. It’s old an overdone. I know, as well as anyone else, that all stroylines get rehashed. However, at least wait a few years before rehashing one!!

  • Bill

    Is the company still TNA? I know someone here mentioned the name Impact Wrestling, so congratulations to him or her.

  • I really hope they do get back to wrestling as that’s what got them this far to begin with.
    I interviewed Foley in December and he said he was fed up with the lack of wrestling THEN – its got a lot worse in the past 6 months, butI really hope this is a genuine effort to get back on track because god knows they have the talent there if they actually use it.
    The whole Immortal sham has done a lot more harm than good.

  • And so ends the TNA era.. Bischoff and Hogan actually have killed the good name of TNA Wrestling..

  • erik

    If tna would get rid of hogan flair bicoff meth hardy tna would be better off.

  • Devil_Rising

    Interesting. So because WWE is being lame and distancing themselves further and further from actual WRESTLING, TNA thinks they might make a niche for themselves by focusing purely on wrestling? Well…

    A) It’d be nice if they were sincere.


    B) It’s too bad TNA will still likely suck.

  • Jeff

    Polish a turd and it’s still a turd

  • dlb

    i am optimistic, but i find it hard to believe that it will be all about wrestling with hogan bischoff and russo still calling the shots and writing the angles. those guys cant help but make convoluted crap stories and fueds, its what theyve been doing for years, and i dont think they will change now. even if they do do it, one month in they’ll look at ratings and panic because they wont be pulling in 3 million viewers, changing it up once again and trying something else that sorta worked in the mid 90’s

  • Mr.Stonewall

    I’ve never really liked TNA, but this definitely has my attention. Let’s hope this finally makes TNA popular enough, to scare WWE into improving their product also.

  • Matt

    sorry, but wrapping a piece of shit in a new wrapper doesn’t stop it from being a piece of shit.

  • Kris

    Impact Wrestling sounds liek some little pissant indy wrestling group that does shows in high school

  • ICE

    @SifuScott completely agree man hope Impact Wrestling will actually be about wrestling maybe even get Paul Heyman as a booker, bring back Jay Lethal, put Desmond Wolfe on tv and make AJ Styles the marquee guy for the company.

  • …Cautiously optimistic…

  • Straight up Wrestling

    I have a great feeling that Impact Wrestling is going to be a HUGE success. Bringing back Great Wrestling like it was meant to be.

  • dlb

    foley for president!