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– Paul Bearer will make his return to WWE on this Friday Night’s SmackDown at the end of the show. Bearer appears in a casket and it sounds like he’s siding with Undertaker in the feud with Kane.

  • gtatitan7

    @ THE TRUTH ur a fucking idiot they’ve feuded more than twice dip shit!
    @ lord of darkness??? good storyline r u fucking serious???
    i dont watch smackdown blows dick!!! friday night lets see i would rather be drinking beer,gettin laid or hittin the road with the streetbike. so u can sit there n watch wrestling n jerkoff u asshole. oh n only fags u cena lines when there tryin to talk shit! fuck you asshole!!!!

  • Tom… just Tom

    YES! Some nostalgia for us. How long before Paul turns on ‘Taker?

  • Thomas

    Finally something different than the usually storyline somebody who was actually awesome is coming back i like Paul Bear i do he rules man that voice and for the father to return and help the undertaker now that was the wwe i remember! GO Bearer! Go Smackdown..P.s. Bring the rock back please because raw is getting really boring! i hate cena! thanks

  • Davey Zoo

    I thought wwe were doing more realistic storylines???

  • Lord_of_Darkness

    weight* from the gastric bypass

  • Lord_of_Darkness

    To all you haters out there:

    Guess you don’t know a good storyline if it bit ya in the ass… Yes Undertaker and Kane has happened before, so what, brothers fight ALL the time (yes I know they aren’t real life brothers), and compared to all the other storylines that have happened, this is one of the better storylines to come from Creative in a LONG time. So STFU or just don’t fucking watch it…

    Anywho, it’s nice to see Paul Bearer back, especially since he lost all that way from his gastric bypass a few years ago, he looks like he’s better than he’s ever been. Can’t wait for Smackdown! ;D

  • The Truth

    @gtatitan7 Guess u cant count to two then.

    they have had two feuds and at least neither of them lasted 2 years like the cena orton thing plus they have always put on amazing matches so i actually wish they would have had a 2 year feud instead of cena & orton

  • gtatitan7

    i cant even count how many times undertaker and kane have feud…same garbage!!! i really believe that the PG crap is goin to kill the wwe..thanks to the USA NETWORK and of course linda!!! the 5 yr old arent goin to wwe the ratings they need in the future…cena sucks,raw smackdown nxt?? superstars all suck, commentary really SUCKS and the whole NEXUS ANGLE had soooo much potential but of course it went nowhere cuz oh i forgot CENA is unstoppable!!! WWE RIP

  • Pauly Walnuts

    Whats next? Brother Love?

  • Rich

    @ mark & Buttercastle..all you guys are haters who shouldn’t be watching wrestling at all…paul bearer is a huge addition to the storyline

  • Buttercastle

    I figured since this “major return” happened at the smackdown taping it wouldn’t be a huge deal. And I was right

  • Mark

    Great this is it , Paul Bearer, a fat tub of **** who has no purpose whatsoever. if this is a major WWE return then what would someone like the Rocks be???

  • mr-rusty

    this is the only thing that could turn this storyline around

  • adam tarasievich

    i think thats what is going to happen. there going to have paul with the urn and giving it to kane and thats why kane is using the darkside and all that. This is turning out to be a great story.

  • David

    Now we need the urn…

  • Rob


  • Matt

    Bearer should NEVER have left the company (or being let go, or whatever).

  • venom

    Wow. Thats pretty cool. How did Paul break through the cement from Great American Bash 04? lol. Bearer is obviously going to help Kane retain the title at Hell in a Cell.

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