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Spoiler: Several Matches Scheduled for TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV

– Below is the spoiler line-up for next Sunday’s TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view from Philadelphia, PA. The card will be confirmed by TNA on tomorrow night’s episode of Impact Wrestling and the following week’s go-home show.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

TNA X Division Title Match
Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Winter

No DQ Match
Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

Full Metal Mayhem
Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

AJ Styles vs. Daniels

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

  • venom

    This is absolute crap. This is their biggest ppv of the year? Ratings might go up if Hogan dies in the ring.

  • Dave

    I understand the animosity towards Hogan. He is way past it, and any more ring time is only going to hurt his legacy and quite possibly hurt him again. But why the hate for Sting. He may be north of 50, but he is still in good physical shape, can still take a good bump, and is still able to reinvent and change his character enough to keep it interesting. If he can still do all that and remain over with the fans. Why should he retire? Clearly, he must be in the twilight of his in ring career, but as long as he knows to quit before he becomes an embarrassment of Ric Flair proportions, I’m cool with him continuing for the time being.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Any takers for this being where Hogan turns face and lays down for Sting like Sting did to him in WcW?

  • BigBossman

    I don’t Care how bad they do in the ring, just seeing those 2 legends in the ring together one last time will be awesome.I am so tired of everybody banging on both companies to bring up new stars.It isn’t always the old guys holding the young guns back as much as nobody wants to step up and try to be the next big thing.I mean can anyone tell me one wrestler under 30 yrs old that everyone claims is getting held back that actually has it all? When i say all i mean Charisma, Mic skills, wrestling ability and when actually in the ring there body language is telling a story? This generation of wrestlers’ just don’t have the “IT” factor either, they just don’t stand out.
    There is no Hogan,Flair,Sting,Macho,Angle,Jericho,rock,SCSA or Mick Foley’s waiting in the wing, just carbon cutouts.Guys like that Made themselves and didn’t complain that a company was holding them back, they busted there asses and earned what they got and i don’t blame them for holding onto the fire until someone can show some promise and carry that torch.There is only a Handful of guys in either company that i see any promise in and the names would probably surprise you.Just off the top of my head would be Miz, Riley and crimson.Those guys are busting there asses to get better and they leave it all in the ring…110%. There are a few more but i already know that gave people enought to argue about already lol.

  • hogan sting is on the card so no matter how you look at it, its disgusting that these 2 dont give it up

  • Freakzilla

    Looking past Sting vs Hogan this is a good card. Like 1st comment on here says doubt it will go longer than 10 minutes 15 with entrances and milking the crowd.

  • Terrible, hogan vs sting..come on tna its not starcade

  • RAMSES 2

    I NOT SURE THEY What to put old wcw and ecw classic again the only problem that it was almost 15 years of that matches. you now which matches am talking. but the roode-angle is going to be a great match

  • Effmenow

    Looks like a good card from a wrestling stand point. IF Hogan/Sting goes no more than 10 minutes than this will be a great ppv!