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Spoiler Notes: Photo of the New WWE NXT Champion, More from Last Night

– We noted before that Seth Rollins became the first-ever WWE NXT Champion at last night’s tapings in Full Sail University be defeating Jinder Mahal. WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel did the ring announcing for the match and after it was over, Dusty Rhodes presented him with the belt while Triple H came to the ring to congratulate him. After Triple H came down, the rest of the NXT babyface wrestlers came down to join in on the celebration.

The entire roster, including Hall of Famers in attendance, watched the match from the stage and a fan in the crowd noted that the whole presentation should come off great on TV.

Jim Ross commented on Twitter and said that Rollins had a “career night” at the tapings.

Here is a photo of the new NXT Champion and his title:

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  • yofits

    Seth Rollins sucks.
    CM punk wannabe.

  • ant

    what kind of retarted statement was that? ^^^

  • Loser

    Personally I don’t mind the look, I thought the X would be yellow. The sad thing is that the NXT championship probably means more than the WWE or World Title right now.

  • JohnCena33

    NXT Title could have been so much better, heck I like the WWE Magazines Jerk of the Month title better than this.

  • misfit del rio

    Ugliest belts of all time. 1) jeff hardys womens tna belt. 2) divas belt 3) cenas wwe belt 4) cenas us belt 5) wcw’s heavyweight belt (towards the end) and finally the first attitude belt austin had, that was one ugly ass belt. So the Nxt belt looks like the winged wwf belt compared to the other championships I just mentioned

  • ant

    thats a ugly ass title

  • Jim

    Good on him, hopefully see him on the main roster soon.