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The wrestler formerly known as Katie Lea Burchill made her TNA Wrestling debut in a backstage segment on tonight’s episode of iMPACT!, portraying a supernatural type character named “Winter.”

Shortly after Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich left Angelina Love by her lonesome in the makeup room, Winter appeared behind her. Winter said she was an admirer of Love’s and had waited a long time to meet her. When Love turned around to introduce Winter to Velvet Sky, she vanished. Sky told Angelina she must have an imaginary friend.

It was reported last week that the former WWE Diva had signed a contract with the organization.

See video of Katie Lea’s TNA debut ->

  • Wrestling Guru#1


  • me

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs1d47nazVg Katie Lea looked like she was scared to death watch it for yourself

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Looks like TNA is reaching into WCW’s old trick bag again with the “imaginary person” routine. It sucked with Hogan/Warrior, and it sucks now. Originality—try it.

  • adam tarasievich

    the knockouts arnt much better. its the same thing some can wrestle but mostly the ones who can like mickie and taraand now katie are former wwe starts and then sarita can go but besides that. The beautfiul people are horrible lacy makes kelly kelly look like the best wrestler every born. Madison isnt that good either taylor isnt good. Its like each company has a few good one’s but the tna arnt any bettter in teh ring overall then wwe. Plus you should add wwe’s next diva aj lee who is going to be on the main roster soon and she is pretty good and hot.

  • SpudimusPirme89

    @andre lewis

    The TNA KOs aren’t much better. Any match with the Beautiful People is a real eye sore, especially ones with Lacey Von Erich.

  • andre lewis

    tnas kos are hot as hell wwe has all these bitches that cant wrestle 4 shit melina has improved alot shes the best along with nattie neidhart and beth phoenix and gail kim but everybody else alicia fox and etc suck asswhat happened 2 women like chyna ivory or jazz women who could go in that ring all you see is ex models with fake tits almost every time kelly kelly is horrible michelle mccool horrible they suck they should be in some magazine instead of a wrestling ring and lamecool is a ripoff of the beautiful ppl

  • Code Red

    The Knockouts have been booked really poorly this year, along with all the girls who left/were released as well as the lack of airtime for many of them. Good to see them taking steps to re-build, hopefully. Katie was so misused in WWE. She is good in the ring, a very good heel character, has mic skills and is hot too (love her voice). I liked her debut backstage. It was short but effective in introducing her to TNA.

  • jim

    maybe she will get a fair shake in tna…she was doomed from the start in wwe with the stupid incest thing after wwe saw that wouldnt work they just gave up on her.

  • erik

    I am happy katie lea is with tna. Tna has victoria tara mickie james katie lea, angelina love sexy sarita madison. what does wwe have smelly kelly, bellas brates and models who suck in ring. Tna owns wwe when it comes to women who look hot and can wrestle.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/wd57 Wade

    I loved Katie Lea tonight, perfectly acted and I’m glad she’s with TNA.

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