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Matt Hardy will be Immortal’s handpicked mystery opponent for Rob Van Dam at tonight’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view. The former WWE star is presently backstage at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Hardy stated in a recent interview with Fanhouse.com that WWE released him from his contract two weeks before it was officially announced on WWE.com on Oct. 15.

source: prowrestling.net

  • Xcaliber

    Hey hey hey it’s fatt hardy

  • obsession

    why is it the more drugs jeff does he gets handed everything? and why does matt think he’s the hulk hogan of his generation? whats up with these guys

  • carlito

    this is bullshit. carlito should be fighting rvd tonight not fat hardy. thats not cool

  • Valo487

    Sigh. This ought to be fun. And by fun I mean no fun whatsoever. Your time will not come Matt, you just aren’t a main event guy. Deal with it.

  • hodgieguy

    O..M..G!!! It’s Matt Hardy! That’s sure gonna make me buy the ppv – NOT!!! This whole company is becoming a bigger joke by the week, instead of actually bringing in new talent they bring in second rate, out of shape has beens whom they think will give them better rating and buyrates based on name value. I really try to like TNA, I really do, but it is becoming harder and harder. Come on TNA give me shock and Awe instead of predictability and over-hyped surprises that turn out to be major disappointments. I can get that from the WWE.

  • jd

    you know whats funny rich? your clearly on Fatt Hardy’s stick… so here’s a crazy idea: why dont you go pop pills with your favorite wrestlers and lay off wrestling-edge

  • whatever

    thats no surprise to me

  • Kim

    Wrestleview posted this yesterday. I figured it would be Matt Hardy when they announced a mystery apponent.
    Also @elvis Matt lost weight.

  • Evil Doink

    Yeah, the news posts are out of order. This one is a spoiler, and the one after this (the most recent one) said RVD’s opponent is still a question mark……………….?

  • Rich

    @elvis D…you wouldn’t know talent if it hit u in the face…guess you’re one of those young punks who was never a TEAM EXTREME FAN..go jump on John Cena stick and shut the hell up

  • elvisD

    oh yeah, theres the space bar

  • elvisD

    Wow!!! Two Shitty Hardys on one show, new haircut can’t make you lose weight fat ass, I got couple of ideas, 1. Go to the gym, workout, 2. Make yourself seem important, like learn to wrestle, and not bitch online about stupid shit, 3. Stop living off your brothers coat tails, he made it and I’m shocked he’s champion, (for now) 4.Die now Version 1 and over fuck you matt hardy you fatt ass

  • luckysalt

    PWI only JUST posted saying theres no-one new backstage and the match sheet says RVD v ? still on it.

  • Callum

    i lied i go want him in tna i just wanted to fit in with all the other crazy people on this site

  • ChrisDV

    That’s the most shocking twist since it turned out that Hogan & Bischoff were the “They” that Abyss was talking about.

    So, not shocking. At all.

  • Rich

    Yesssssssssss…Fuck All You Matt Hardy Haters..I Watched Matt Growing Up And I Know He Is Not The Same Kid But Cmon Give The Man A Chance To Pick Himself Up And Dust Himself Off

  • Callum


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