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Spoiler Photo: Huge Tag Team Match Takes Place at Tonight’s WWE NXT TV Tapings

– “The American Wolves” Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards worked a match at tonight’s WWE NXT TV tapings under the name “The American Pitbulls.” The episode will air on December 18th.

The duo received a huge ovation from the crowd and lost to NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension in a non-title match. Here’s a photo:

American Pitbulls

  • Scooter

    Actually one has to learn how to adapt to different audiences.

    One of the first things you learn, there’s a difference between wrestling in front of 100 kids and diehard wrestling fans.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Amen, brother!

  • Tom

    You know nothing of how the wrestling world works do you?


  • MrDr3w

    The “WWE style” is not doing dangerous, high-risk maneuvers, and not getting sued to Hell by the family, of the “Indie Style” idiot that broke his neck by attempting the dangerous, high-risk maneuver. Anybody who calls that “good wrestling” should be ashamed of themselves.

  • A) There is no “indie style”. There is good wrestling, and bad wrestling. They are good wrestlers. If “WWE” style means working a limited moveset like Ryback or Batista or Cena, well no, they are not that.

    B) This whole “charisma” thing needs to stop. I’m not even sure most people know what they’re talking about when they bring it up. You know who doesn’t have a single drop of “charisma”? Wade Barrett, yet he certainly got pushed for some time by WWE, didn’t he? You know who else has zero “charisma”? Khali, yet he was World Heavyweight Champion for christ’s sake.

    Have you ever seen either of these guys wrestle? I’m not a big ROH fan, don’t DISlike it either, just more of a Chikara, etc. fan really. But these two guys most certainly are great wrestlers, and they’ve got plenty of “charisma”. Charisma isn’t just yelling into a mic and acting jacked up 24/7. It means knowing how to carry yourself in the ring, and they absolutely do.

  • Then again…”Daniel Bryan”.

  • Why change their name. The American Wolves is an awesome name. Pitbulls? Not so much.


    Dude shut up

  • Scooter

    Neither of them work the WWE style, even Bryan wanted to do some time in FCW to learn to adapt and he was less indy than the wolves.

    I think they would be a boost to the tag division but I’d rather see the WWE take their time in calling them up than bringing them up and having them fail.

    Working on their charisma wouldn’t go wrong either.

  • JohnCena33

    Please bring them up now.