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Following Hulk Hogan’s wrestling return last Sunday at Bound for Glory and aftermath, TNA’s creative department is now building towards a match pitting The Hulkster and Garett Bischoff against Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff.

One TNA source believes the match will take place at Lockdown in April, but it is not definite. Nonetheless, this is the direction TNA intends to go for Hogan’s next grappling contest.

Sting defeated Hogan at Bound for Glory when referee Jackson James, who had earlier in the show been revealed as Bischoff’s real-life son Garett, reluctantly called the ring bell for a submission. This led to Eric hitting his son with a steel chair following the match, starting a rivalry between the two.

source: PWInsider.com

  • Pig


    And that is why mummy gives you the remote…….so you can go back to crapping in your panties while watching WWE.

    If you dont F*cking like it….go away. No one cares you are upset you little muppet.

  • venom

    I knew Pig is Hogan and Jason is Flair. Like people really like the direction TNA is going. That sinking boat is sinking faster than we thought. Who the hell wants to see Flair vs Hogan? I guess Hogan couldn’t handle a lose for his last match.

  • Pig

    Aren’t all wrestling storylines rehashed?

    Seriously you dipsticks that orgasm everytime WWE does something, my bet is you can find a similar storyline in another older federation.

    Well maybe not Katie Vick……but theres not a lot of sick f*cks like McMahon that like necrophilia.

    But if you’re still wetting your panties I guess its all new.

  • MJ

    @ Jason LOL! People can have their opinions of any wrestling company they want! Its their right as fans or former fans to either bash something that sucks or praise something that was good in their view.

    Hogan’s face turn wasn’t shocking at all everyone knew he was gonna turn against immortal and if you didn’t i feel sorry for you.

    TNA is really sad! I mean they gave the world title to mick foely when he was mostly an on air talent! WWE has alot of younger talent getting the spotlight like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and even cm punk, TNA has james storm, bobby roode, and thats it. They have so many guys that are talented but the management sucks! Eric Bishoff doesn’t know talent if it hit him in the face! Brian Pillman,Eddie G, Dean malenko, Y2J, and chris benoit were all midcarders doing stupid shit in wcw while they had hogan, sting, and flair shoved down people’s throats! Oh they are still here!

  • sammy

    Jason- what r u like 11?
    Shocking? LOL – Ummmm this isn’t the first time Hogan turned face
    This TNA crap is all the 80′s, 90′s 00′s stuff rehashed and refiltered and reressurected, refurbished etc etc.
    Plz dont compare TNA to WWE either boys

  • sammy


  • adam62

    @Superman i agree hogan said it during an interview saying that he may see the light and switch sides

  • Superman

    Hogan didn’t turn face out of the blue he stated he would turn face in an interview about a month ago sand said it would happen in October .. I guess “out of the blue ” means talking about months before it happens

  • JD

    It’s not so much that no one wants to see this match it’s that TNA is planning on draggin this thing out until APRIL. I seriously doubt that.

  • Jeff

    To quote The Replacements: Three has beens and a never was.

  • Jason

    Well people are gonna bash TNA no matter what. Blah blah whine moan bitch & complain. Here’s an idea to all the bashers … START YOUR OWN WRESTLING COMPANY or write TNA personally. Hell try getting a job in creative (while you’re at it try becoming creative for WWE because they need it too)

    At least TNA is TRYING to do something shocking by having Hogan turn face out of the blue.

  • Eric Nixon

    I do not wish to see this match.

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