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Spoiler: Segment with Top Superstars and Elimination Chamber Rematch Set for RAW In Chicago

– With hometown hero CM Punk likely not appearing, WWE is pulling out all the stops for next Monday’s RAW from Chicago. It was announced at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Milwaukee that The Shield and The Wyatt Family will go at it. Also, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will be there. Here’s the line-up for RAW in Chicago this coming Monday:

* Brock Lesnar confronts The Undertaker

* The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

* Actor Aaron Paul as the guest host

WWE’s website is not currently advertising The Undertaker for RAW but they are advertising Brock Lesnar.

  • Ty

    He was on Breaking Bad and he’s coming out with a new movie, but you already know that don’t you. I know you’re disappointed that its not Justin Beiber but you don’t need to be a douche! Keep trolling…gfy

  • Solid

    I guess we’ll find out next week if either Vince convinced Punk to come back, or its a work or not.

    Otherwise that place will go off.

  • Omar

    My anticipation for next Raw is all time high. I hope the crowd doesnt disappoint because they are the expected star of the show. I might even skip all other Raws till Wrestlemania.

  • D2K

    They can’t be so dilapidated to think that this show will not be 100% hijacked by the fans in Chicago. They might as well call it RAW is PUNK because that is all we are going to hear all night.

  • DK

    Whatever they do it’s not going to help