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*Spoiler* Sixth Match Added To Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

Dolph Ziggler will pull double duty for the second consecutive WWE pay-per-view event as he is now slated to defend the United States Championship against John Morrison this Sunday at Survivor Series. He will also compete in the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match featuring Team Orton vs. Team Barrett.

The updated card is as follows:

John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match
Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara) vs. Team Barrett (Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico and Dolph Ziggler)

Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. John Morrison

  • Nooch

    I’m thinking it will be made into a three way, and Morrison can do the jobbing duties to get the belt on Ryder without having Ziggler legit lose it. Makes sense. Morrison will be out of the dog house any time soon, if not forever.

  • adam

    It should be ryder in the match but at least there givin morrison something to do. As for the tag match ya they shoulda added brodus or epico or primo instead of ziggler i dont get why they keep makin him have 2 matches a ppv.

  • King

    **on the other hand** ^

  • King

    @red rooster fan club

    i just saw that too on WWE.Com & thats such bullshit…this prick has spent more time on his back then a goddamn Whore(maybe more then melina)maybe his name should be John WHORisson.. Ryder on the hand is way over & has done more then this idiot has…im so hoping this shit gets changed…still cant wait to be there this sunday tho

  • Should be Morrison… just saying.

  • mark

    I agree, they should let ziggler have the one match? plenty of other heels that could have been given the opportunity in the traditional match.

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    Um, nice reporting but just announced that it will be Ziggler vs. Morrison, not Ryder (unless JoMo somehow gets screwed out of it in the next few days).

  • little jimmy

    is that fair on ziggler? nooooo

  • venom

    I hope Ryder loses.

  • Zach D

    What a waste of talent by WWE. They have all these talented superstars and they put one guy in two matches. Plain stupidity.

  • Second City Saint

    dolph ziggler in 2 matches again wow, hope ryder wins Broskies

  • KitKrock

    WHAT! why not have big BRODUS CLAY be the 5th man in the SS match? or primo … or epicfailo … any of those 3 would’ve been fine!

    FUCK ZIGGLES! Hashtag HEELfail

  • Mac Henrix