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Spoiler: SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match Revealed

– Below is the updated card for WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view with spoilers from last night’s SmackDown tapings:

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title
Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Triple H

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk

  • @Edgehead

    The reason Edge challenged Kennedy for the MitB briefcase was because kennedy was injured, so they used the attack beforehand to write the injury in.
    But anything can happen in the WWE 😉 😛

  • rko


    Yeah, sure. Kofee is on a roll with his screw ups. His match vs the big show was just the latest.
    Truth couldn’t even hack it as tna world champion. That was a joke in itself. Truth as a future wwe champ is another joke.
    They might as well call p diddy and hand him the world title.
    All of you so enamored with these two because they jump around like acrobats can go watch the circus.
    Brager, you’re just some schmuck who doesn’t realize how ridiculous the idea of these two as world champion is. Vince may be afraid of Sharpton, but he’ll never make these clowns world champs. I can guarantee you that.

  • The Truth

    Not really sure why people are hating on Truth and Kofi so much. They are great athletes and are exciting to watch. I know the WWE has been criticzed in the past about being racists, but that Kofi/Orton feud was a really good feud. And I’m enjoying the semi-feud between Truth and Jericho. Not to mention Kofi and Truth add a different element to the title pictures: NEW FACES. I’m tired of constantly seeing Cena/Triple H, Michaels/Triple H, Cena/Orton, Orton/Triple H…etc. etc. It’s nice to have change, and change with good talent at that. The same goes for Morrison and DiBase. Really excited for those four.

  • bushpig

    Is there any chance that HBK doesnt do anything in the elimination chamber with taker, but instead somehow goads edge into a match with the ‘guaranteed title shot at WM26’ at stake? not sure how this could be written in, but perhaps a possibilit cos thats what edge did a few years ago with the money in the bank title against, was it Mr Kennedy?

  • kemo

    my hope is that Chris Jericho wins that way Edge v Jericho for title at Wrestlemania.

  • Osi

    I see HBK pulling a Edge and taking out R-Truth, losing still and getting pissed off and cost Taker the title, with Jericho taking advantage.

  • Karina

    I can’t wait for the WHC chamber. You have four guys who can fly around/use their agility. I’m hoping for a Mysterio or a Morrison win, but for some reason, I really do see Shawn Michaels coming in, and interfering like Edge did at last years chamber.

  • Scooter

    I apologies then you just sounded like a random hater I really need to learn when to open my mouth.
    also I just realized truths in the chamber gotta say I’m shocked since I heard Hunters not exactly a fan of his seems to be a recurring pattern he doesn’t like anyone who made their name out of wwe punk for example

  • bragar

    rko you’re an asshole, both of them deserve to be in the chamber

  • rko

    Kofee and truth don’t deserve to be in the elimination chamber. Vince should leave the pc garbage out of wrestling.

  • Bragar

    In RAW’s Eliminatios Chamber will be like this:

    John Cena eliminates Sheamus (really, i’m telling you they will make him eliminate the champion…as bad as it sounds)

    Triple H eliminates Kofi (again the nose stealing the spotlight of a incredible athlete like kofi)

    Triple H eliminates Cena (i like that…)

    Randy Orton eliminates HHH (i like that even more!)

    Orton eliminates DiBiase to win the championship…and then theyy go on to face each other at WM

    In Smackdown’s EC:

    CM Punk eliminates R-Truth

    Jericho eliminates Mysterio

    Morrison eliminates CM Punk (that means push for morrison)

    Undertaker eliminates Morrison (i’d love to see morrison eliminating the deadman…but that won’t happen…at least not in this one)

    Jericho eliminates the deadman to win the championship and then edge will get out and challenge jericho for the title at wm

  • cheesehandler

    undertakers gonna win then lose n retire at mania…and shaemus will keep the title until mania wherehe loses the belt

  • Mark

    On a personal note would like to see R truth and Mysterio win, but no doubt they will go for the usual suspects of HHH and Jericho/taker

  • The Truth

    I’m holding my reserves on R-Truth. Despite it nice seeing him in there, considering he can carry a crowd, I have to believe, anyone who watches wrestling has to believe, that Shawn Michaels will make some kind of impact on that Elimination Chamber match. I also have to wonder….how is Undertaker’s health?? Last I heard is that his hip is in pretty bad shape and they’re not sure if they can delay surgery or some kind of leave of absence for him. Batista NOT being in the Elimination Chamber is kind of a big deal to me anyways. But it is nice to Ted DiBase(though, it was only a matter of time), Kofi, Truth and Morrison all in the Elimination Chamber match.

  • Hogan Ruined TNA

    Haha R truth first elimination

  • d

    batista and hbk aren’t in the chamber because they are going to face each other to see who will face the champion edge doesnt face at wm26

  • Jon

    I still see them putting HBK in the chamber match or wrestlemaina aginst the Undertaker.

  • david

    and where is batista seriously wow

  • david

    y the f u c k would wwe waist a title shot on ted dibiase orton vs edge sounds better 2 me

  • Oscar Gutierrez

    I’m tipping Jericho wins with a big assist from HBK knocking out the dead man. Thus setting up both:
    Edge v Y2J
    HBK v ‘Taker

    The RAW chamber match is really tough to pick though. I just can’t see them sending a rookie like Sheamus into a Wrestlemania where people will not know who he is. On the flip side, who else can win it? Cena will be in the Hart/Vince match. DiBiase will battle Orton. And Kingston is not going to main event Wrestlemania. So that leaves the Game, HHH. And, if he wins the strap now, who does he face in the main event at mania? Kingston? Sheamus? Big Show?

    I’m genuinely intrigued as to how the RAW chamber match will play out

  • alcohollica

    Actually Scooter I have seen various matches of his back when he was “Thee” Drew Galloway, he was allowed to do considerably more in ring work than he does in the WWE but to chuck the IC title on him that quickly demeaned it after Morrison had actually made it look like it was worth something thats all.

  • tonyd

    god damnit…..GARBAGE and THE NOSE in ANOTHER title match…..ugh…good to see morrison, and kofi in a main event title match, but i dont see them coming out on top…EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD!!!!….but that not gonna happien. JERICHO IS WORLD CHAMP, and ORTON IS WWE CHAMP….EDGE VS JERICHO AT WM26, and somehow TED DIBIASE IS GONNA GET A WWE TITLE SHOT AT WM26….ORTON VS DIBIASE AT WM26

  • James Mills

    I hope both Morrison and Kingston, the two brightest young stars in the company get to put on a good showing before they are eliminated.

  • RyanMKZ

    @ChrisDV: yes R-Truth its called a push… you know the guy who eliminated Big Show AND Mark Henry at the Rumble… yeah that guy. a younger Booker T

    ‘Taker wont retain so it’ll be cool to see who wins
    bad feeling its going to be Rey or Batista so they cant fight for it at Mania
    id love Morrison to get it but i think he’ll win Money In The Bank.
    Jericho… meh
    Punk… seen it before

  • Scooter

    alchohollica you don’t know shit about mcintyre so don’t say he was being carried when you don’t know that I’ll say the same thing I say to all smarks have you seen his indy work? no so shut up whats he done the IC title is essentially nothing he’s nothing like sheamus he earned his spot and let me guess what you’ll say “He hasn’t paid his dues” well if thats the case neither has Kofi kingston and the like because drew debuted in 2007! but I am glad morrisons in the chamber

  • King True

    undertaker will win and Randy Orton will win and alcohollica you mean Shawn Michaels boyfriend.Triple H love him some Sheamus not Drew whatever that Shawn man lol

  • dazza

    my money is on HBK taking out r truth going on to win the chamber match and off to wrestlemania to face taker.

    also edge vs jericho will be awsome

  • Anon619

    I’m seeing Kofi getting taken out by HBK before the match

  • Corey

    I’m seeing Jericho and HHH winning.

  • trey

    to chrisdv r truth is a good wrestler .

  • alcohollica

    Glad to see Morrison’s in the chamber rather than having to carry Triple H’s boyfriend through another PPV, hopefully he will get a proper push this year, fingers crossed!!

  • Trey

    They don’t want Jesse Jackson calling.

  • ChrisDV

    R-Truth? Seriously?