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Spoiler on the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Participants

– According to a fan in Australia who has already seen tonight’s WWE SmackDown broadcast, WWE will announce 5 of the 6 Superstars that will compete in the Elimination Chamber match.

Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and The Great Khali will compete in the match. A sixth participant will be revealed later. The winner will challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 29. This was not announced to the live crowd at Tuesday’s tapings.

  • mohamed elkatatnee

    will be Historic if Swagger won the Match !! But i don`t see it happening

  • Prince

    Mark Henry

  • Prince

    Yeah, and then he’ll get pinned within a minute of entering the match again.

  • Fivogoeswest

    Vince still has to sell that Indian market I guess. You know cause if khali isn’t on the card then there isn’t any point for an entire race of people to buy the ppv.

  • Prince

    Why does The Great Khali always waste a spot in these matches. So pointless. But Orton’s winning it pretty obviously. I don’t know how they’ll get the title on Sheamus then though.

  • adam

    Why khali he provides nothing to the match

  • Jackson

    It looks like they’re out of time for the Sheamus/Orton World Heavyweight Championship. Orton wins EC, Sheamus likely teams with Cena & Ryback vs. The Shield. Del Rio retains at EC. Then there’s not enough time to take the belt off Del Rio, get him out of the title picture, and give a Wrestlemania build for Orton/Sheamus for the Championship. You think?? How do you build ANYTHING Wrestlemania worthy for the World Heavyweight Championship from here?

  • Well if they are going in the direction they said in the first place then Orton will win this match but i could see the last person maybe being Big Show

  • Mike Wells

    Will this be the only EC match? Don’t see how they can do a Raw one if Punk is to face the Rock and Cena is already number 1 contender.

    They should have always only had the one anyway. Two is overkill.