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Spoiler: SmackDown Main Event Revealed for WWE SummerSlam

– It was announced at tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that Randy Orton will get a World Heavyweight Title shot against Christian at the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Coming out of tonight’s tapings, here is what looks to be the updated card for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. Keep in mind some of the matches have not been confirmed by WWE but are in the works.

WWE Title vs. WWE Title Match
CM Punk vs. John Cena

No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Christian

WWE Divas Title Match
Opponent TBD Next Week vs. Kelly Kelly

John Morrison vs. R-Truth

  • Nicholas G

    Oh it like dealing with a bunch of spoiled kids when it comes to the internet. They are never happy. I mean tell me would you rather see an Randy Orton vs Christian feud or a Hogan vs Sting feud which has been done for many years. I tell you the internet fans don’t like what the Summerslam card going to have just don’t watch it. Not home or on the internet just keep your money stay off the internet do something else. Otherwise your just acting like a bunch of kids.

    If you ask me it was clear as day the moment the Money in the Bank card was over. Cena vs Punk was going to happen at Summerslam and so was Randy Orton vs Christian. If you ask me these two matches are going to be good. I really think the internet are also upset because Punk had made them look like fools. The internet been saying for month how CM Punk was leaving. But look what happen Punk staying and internet makes to look like dam ass really believing that Punk was leaving. An if there is one thing the interne hates more is to be proven wrong time and time again.

  • venom

    Looks like they’ll add Sheamus vs Hentry.

  • NathanDrake

    I’m hoping that is their final match, because there are other superstars that need a push…
    Please wwe, no more Orton vs Christian!

  • Darren-Jay

    LOL at the idiots ‘Punk vs Cena rematch is too soon’, SummerSlam is their Second Biggest ppv of the year, they need it on this. and unless it’s Gail Kim, Natalya, Beth or Melina that is No.1 Contender for Kelly Kelly’s title. that’ll be the only bad match announced so far.

  • me

    as much as i like both orton and christian, after the first two matches i’d had enough, this is wayyyyyyyyy way past too long now. end the feud, so both can move on.

  • Sammo

    I can sum up the Summerslam card so far with one letter:


  • mark

    not orton-christian again????

  • Blah

    At least there going to make this Orton/Christian match entertaining, no holds barred match will be good, but I think Christian will win just for Bryan to cash in his MITB briefcase so Smackdown has another superstar in the title picture, because they desperately need one.

  • Jimbo

    Orton vs Christian matches have been entertaining. The story is getting old and stale, but the wrestling has been top dollar.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    SummerFest approaching and no Kofi Johnson…

  • Big T

    I’m enjoying Orton vs Christian. Last year if someone had told me that Christian would be in 5 payperview matches in a row I’d have laughed. Its better to have a long drawn out fued than a quick 30 day one.

  • The real wrestling god

    Well I’m really starting to hate most internet wrestling fans because the majority of them are idiots. Orton and Christian have had a great feud going on with each other but yet people bitch and whine I don’t wanna see orton and Christian 5 it’s boring it’s stale. Seriously learn to appreciate a great feud these are how feuds were booked in the old days guys would have singles matches with each other for months before ending it in a gimmick match.

  • Notingham

    Exactly Nick… And the obvious drawback as well…. The last match had ten times the suspense and drama as this match. So it’s a culmination of a feud, but the most important match was the last one. Now maybe htey get creative with it, but really, it can’t match the last one.

    Now if they had teased it for a few months.. Had Punk in and out or whatever…. But one week later? It’s dumb. So is Orton and Christian part 4 and the only stip is no holds bared? Really?

  • nick

    punk vs cena rematch is way toooooo soon. wwe fuckin things up like usual. cant see punk winning twice, three times if u count their raw match. ughhhh…. christian vs orton should be good tho.

  • John

    So far Summerslam is shaping up to be a 1 match card.

  • Stevie P

    ANOTHER Orton vs Christian? Ugh.

  • RJ

    i think their over the limit and capital punishment matches were the best matches on the card better than the cena vs miz and cena vs truth.

  • John

    This Orton/Christian fued has been dead for over a month already. This is the 4th straight ppv they’re wrestler eachother and its not like they’ve been having classic matches.Smackdown needs to make new stars fast.