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- Coming out of last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, here is the updated line-up for next Monday night’s King of the Ring tournament on the three-hour RAW:

RAW Superstars
Sheamus, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson and United States Champion Daniel Bryan

SmackDown Superstars
Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes

  • Valo487

    Anyone but that pasty teabag McIntyre….I’m not wild about some of the choices but anyone would be better than that heat sucking missle.

  • idontknow2

    YES! All hail King Cody the Dashing!

  • JDC

    Depends on, what the plans is for KOTR.. If they will use it properly to build up some one to main event status, then yes.. Del Rio.. A hispanic king.. interesting thought..

    But if the plans are to make a stabile upper midder card wrestler, it could be Big Zeke just as much as The Shaman.. Or maybe even Drewster?

    I’m afraid that Morrison will not reach the top before alle the oldies (Kane, Taker, Rey and Edge) are gone..

  • Treg

    My money’s on Del Rio..

  • nnla

    @rick agreed! Well since it says it’s too short to post the first part I will add this nothing filler that everyone will read and it will be as news worthy as half the stuff on this site!

  • rick

    It should be Morrison. He should have been given a big heel push last year or at least before the likes of Barrett and Sheamus. The fact that he has been wrestling as a babyface for 18 months is insane. If there is one guy in the company who shouldn’t be a babyface it’s him. He’s too good looking and most guys won’t cheer for him.
    He should have been put in a fued with HBK last year to help elevate him to main event status, instead they book HBK vs taker in a match we saw 1 year earlier and that couldn’t possibly be topped. Maybe Morrison didn’t deserve to be the one to end HBK’s career, but if he had at least it would have been a way to create a young star instead of giving the honour to a 45 year old.

  • misfit

    Alberto Del Rio.

  • mcmax

    I honestly don’t know who will win this…

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