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Spoiler: Stipulation Added to MITB Match, New Participants for MITB Match

– At tonight’s Smackdown taping Vickie Guerrero announced that AJ will be the special guest referee when CM Punk faces Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at WWE Money in the Bank.

– Also at the Smackdown tapings, Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Santino Marella, Christian and Tensai earned the right to participate in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match.

  • Wellsy

    Last year’s MITB was great. This year’s seems a complete mismatch.

  • Blah

    What happened to the days when the MITB had at least 6 superstars in, hopefully they will add Miz, Del Rio, possibly Orton and Mysterio but I doubt it to the WWE Championship MITB match to make it more entertaining.
    At the minute, the WHC one looks good so far, maybe add Kingston and Sin Cara to give it a “high-flying” element, it is a ladder match after all. At the minute, its chance to be a very good PPV

  • ant

    ummmmmm morons shut up theres still another week left and they could still add sin cara to the match maybe even hunico too

  • sdp

    I don’t think Tensai will win. They will probably just us him like they do kane

  • SYM

    Wheres nick at? That Tyson Kidd lover LOL

  • yofits

    Tyson Kidd? Really? REALLY?

    Put in Sin Cara, he’s way more credible.

  • IrishRhyno

    Cody will get in the match.Didnt they use to do a ‘last chance battle royal’ for the WM MITB matches? Could get in that way if they bring it back.

  • Dan

    I’d actually prefer Cody and Ziggler weren’t in MITB, but rather win the title without needing the contract. In the past few years the only people I remember winning either of the top titles for the first time without MITB are Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Mark Henry and Christian (when it was vacant).

  • scooter

    I honestly can’t pick a winner Christian would be great but I just don’t see it Damien Sandows only just got onto television and the other guys just aren’t main event talent!

  • LSC

    I like Sandow, I’ll admit that. But he’s had what? Five matches and needs to grow in WWE. Zack Ryder has been in WWE for years and they don’t give him a shot? THIS IS WHY WWE IS SHOWING SIGNS OF RUST. Rushing people. This is what made Del Rio overrated last year. Royal Rumble winner, 2 time WWE Champion, Main evented WM in less than a year into his debut, yeah Del Rio has potential but is there any need to rush people like him? No. Build the character. WWE aren’t doing that. If he was in next year’s MITB and had a strong run, I’d be okay with that, but this is far too premature and Michael Hayes cannot make great choices…SMD

    Tensai….meh, he was Albert/A-Train whatever you want to call him in the past,

    Santino, I will agree, worked hard for years and is given shots. But PLEASE don’t slap the world title on him. If he was taken seriously, yes and if he was a threat. I mean, look at his finisher…a peck to the face…Effective? I think not…I hope they include decent people over the next few weeks, otherwise, I refuse to watch these matches because this is plain stupidity, same goes for RAW MITB matches…WWE fucked up there, the idea of a MITB match is suppose to push midcarders AND NOT main eventers

  • LSC

    Nice to see WWE’s creativity lowering each day. I mean seriously, you put a new guy in a MITB match? Yeah he’s gonna be great, but build him up, not rush him. Santino in the MITB ladder match? Nice, just what we need. The only two people I am up for, for the SD MITB ladder match is Tyson Kidd and Christian, but this, this is a joke, why not Cody Rhodes? WWE, your creativity sucks

  • YES! 3X

    I don’t have anything against Tyson Kidd being in the match, as he’s a talented performer, but for God’s sake build him up alittle. You can’t just have him wrestling Superstars and NXT events and then all of a sudden have him believably wrestling for a chance to win the world title.

  • Jimbotron

    Out of those 5, it had better f’ing be Christian that wins.

  • xXx

    just add one more in the whc match like maybe cody to make the match ‘heavier’

  • Stevie P

    For mid-card talent that MITB is not too shabby. Sandow, Kidd and Christian are great wrestlers. Santino is super over and Tensai can do well enough for a big guy. Not bad at all if I can say so myself. Problem is I don’t expect any of them to beat Sheamus as he’s HHH’s “workout buddy”.

  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    This is MITB WTF? If the WHC MITB turns into a Tensai squash I’m tuning out. The only former WWE Champions match could get better if this was the Rock’s return to the title picture.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @hes got a bicycle

    You mention Kidd not putting “butts in seats,” yet you say to put Slater in there…

  • Scratches Head

    This is gonna blow the Raw MIB match away. You kids wouldn’t know that though. Tyson Kid is gonna be the Shelton Benjamin in this match.

  • hes got a bicycle

    Tyson Kidd in the money in the bank ladder match.

    yeah, that’ll put butts in seats. ppfffttt …

    stupid vince.

    Replace him with Scene Cara, or Heath Slater. The One Man Southern Rock Band baby!

  • The Awesome One

    Christian finally gets MITB hope jericho does too

  • YES! 3X

    So far we have 2 bizzare MITB ladder matches. One with only former WWE champions (completely killing the point of this match being to make new stars) and the other with lower mid-carders and (minus Christian) guys who aren’t ready to be champion. Where’s Ziggler, Rhodes, or Barret? Hell I’d even take Kofi Kingston over Damien Shadow or Tyson Kidd. Hopefully they can still make it in the World Title ladder match.

    Forget about the WWE title ladder match. Im not sure how 4 guys with over 20 world title reigns between them need this push.

  • Effmenow

    Nice to see mid carders and jobbers in the ladder match!