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Spoiler on a Storyline Departure Set for This Week’s TNA Impact Wrestling

– As seen at TNA’s Final Resolution pay-per-view, Jeff Hardy defeated Jeff Jarrett in a cage match and became the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Per the match stipulations, either Karen Jarrett or Jeff Jarrett must be fired from TNA. Sting will make the announcement on this week’s Impact Wrestling, taping tonight in Orlando.

Word is that Jeff Jarrett will be getting the axe. Jarrett is headed to India next week to head up TNA’s new promotion in that country and his firing on Impact will be his exit from the TNA storylines, for the time being.

Source: PWInsider

  • MJ

    Fuck jeff jarrett! He was best friends with vince russo in WCW and look how many titles he won. Can anyone tell me that he deserved all those titles? Oh and back when he was in TNA i remember him being involved in the main storylines and bury damn near all of his young talent. He would beat them and its no wonder alot of the roster of young guys took 10 years for people to take them as serious main eventers. I remember Jarrett being in a stable with Nash and scott hall called the kings of wrestling.

    Can say with a serious face that jarrett belong in the same catagory as big daddy cool or razor ramon? Didn’t think so

  • Stockton Joe

    Jeff Jarrett had to found a wrestling promotion (with his father) to become a main eventer. The funny thing is, he never really became THE BIG FISH in a small pond. He is boring, and Karen is just annoying. Does anybody else around here remember a few years ago when Miss Tessmacher was the “network representative” who came to clean up TNA? Now they’re moving back to the T— N A– days. When I watch wrestling, I want to see wrestling, not soft-core porn – which I always felt was kind of a waste of time. But if that’s what TNA wants to become, then they could at least show a little skin on the PPVs.

  • Adam the two of us think a lot alike.

  • Nooch

    Didn’t he get “banished” from TNA like 3 or 4 months ago after losing to Angle and then just came back with no explanation? Why should anybody give a shit if he’s leaving again, and what reason do we have to believe he will stay gone? STUPID!!! Oh, and Jarrett always sucked at every point in his career.

  • Bill

    To be honest, I liked Jeff Jarrett during 1997-1999, when he cut his hair & teamed with Owen Hart. But he still wasn’t much of a draw.

  • adam

    @DrakeF3lix the sole reason for tna exsisting was so there would be a company were jeff jarrett could win a world title over and over and over again.

  • Like seriously when did Jeff Jarrett become a main eventer? Like his ego is all out of whack in TNA. I have never seen a single thing that impressed me with him. Well the fact that he has Angle’s ex-wife and is still alive is pretty miraculous. But seriously, Jeff Jarrett sucks like totally and completely.

  • Bastion boogeyman

    Get rid of that horrible midcard guy.

  • Karen is pretty hot, I like her more and more every week.

  • Will Henderson

    swerve, the both of them gets fired anyway, Sting fires Jeff for losing, and fires Karen due to the mistreatment of the Knockouts and abuse of her powers.

  • Superman

    Jeff was never ” the” name he always will be a mid- card with no drawing ability

  • adam

    Damn i was hoping karen would get fired so we wouldnt have to hear her talk anymore

  • Second City Saint

    NICE Keep Karen shes so hot jeff jarrett isint the same as he was a few years ago he just boring

  • poko

    I figured as much. Karen is the only one involved in a storyline at the moment. Anyway, as CM Punk said to Cena, getting fired on television means nothing.