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*Spoiler* Title Change At Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Taping In Alabama

Mickie James defeated Winter at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping in Huntsville, Alabama to re-capture the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship. The title change will air next Thursday.

On the June 23 edition of Impact Wrestling, James was defeated by Winter in a Street Fight, following outside interference from Love. This led to a match at Hardcore Justice, where James lost the Women’s Knockout Championship to Winter, following interference from Love and red mist from the former Katie Lea. On the following edition of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Madison Rayne to earn a rematch for the title, which took place tonight.

The win is James’ second in TNA and eighth nationally.


  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    TNA will NEVER get better which means no competition for WWE so it will suck forever…

  • tombstone1108

    Tombstone be loving him some Mickie!

  • StudDog

    I hope TNA gets better also but dont think it will ever happen. Congrats Mickie! Well deserved.

  • venom

    I hope TNA gets better.

  • Matt

    I’ll be honest, before I clicked, I figured Scott Baio beat EY for the TV Title

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?


    TNA Impact Wrestling 9/1: *Hulk Hogan was out to cut a promo to open the show. TNA champion Kurt Angle came out and said he was going to take out Sting. Sting accepted.

    *Gunner pinned RVD in a Bound for Glory bout after Jerry Lynn interfered.

    *Eric Bischoff announced Karen Jarrett was now in charge of the Knockouts. ODB and Jackie Moore are now members of the roster. Traci Brooks is Jarrett’s assistant.

    *Jesse Sorenson and Brian Kendrick defeated Austin Aries and Kid Kash.

    *Mickie James pinned Winter to win the TNA Knockouts title with the Chick Kick.

    *Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe went back and forth and started brawling.

    *Christopher Daniels pinned AJ Styles.

    *Kurt Angle pinned Sting. Hogan was there as referee. Immortal worked over Sting but Ken Anderson returned (already?) to make the save.

    9/8 Impact Wrestling:

    *D’Angelo Dinero & Devon defeated The British Invasion.

    *Jeremy Borash announced the four finalists for the Bound for Glory series – James Storm, Gunner, Robert Roode and Bully Ray. They announced a Four Corners match for No Surrender with the winner getting the title shot at Bound for Glory.

    *TNA TV champ Eric Young pinned Robbie E.

    *Winter and Angelina Love defeated Velvet Sky & TNA Knockouts champ Mickie James.

    *Ken Anderson defeated TNA champ Kurt Angle by DQ when Immortal interfered. Sting got involved.

    *They announced that The Network had given Jeff Hardy the chance to speak his mind. Hardy came out and said that he let everyone down, both the fans and everyone in the back. He asked everyone to give him one more shot to prove himself, even if they cannot forgive him for what he’s done.

  • MJ

    Wow so they shoved that winter crap down our throats making us believe that winter was a big deal and they do this? Why do these title changes happen on free tv? Shouldn’t the title switch hands on a ppv? If they care about their womens divison then why are they burying winter? 3 weeks and she hasn’t even had 1 match since being champion and you can barely get any tv time? I like Mickie james but come on. why put the title on someone and not give them tv time?

  • Da420KinG


  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Can we please get the entire taping spoilers. I wanna see what they’re doin with sting n flair and Jeff hardy. I don’t care bout the knockout or divas divisions. They both suck and probably will for awhile. Hell I liked it when stephanie mcmahon was champ over this bulls**t right now

  • @Jason Because there are fans who want to see if TNA actually gets better.

    I had never seen a wrestling company squander away so much potential like TNA did.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Velvet Sky needs to get a title push…..the head isn’t much, but theres something about that body I like to watch. Give her some exposure.

  • Marcum

    it was stupid to take the title of mickieif they were just going to have her drop it in a couple weeks.

  • Jason

    Why comment if you don’t care or watch ?

  • Tommy

    Who watch TNA anyway

  • Bryant

    Stupid, just stupid. Why is she getting the title back after holding it for four months? Winter had it for just three weeks, but since when does TNA make any sense at all?

  • Mickie is now tied with Trish.