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Spoiler: Another Title Match Confirmed for WWE’s TLC Pay-Per-View

– Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T for the WWE Intercontinental Title was announced for WWE TLC at last night’s SmackDown tapings. Coming out of last night’s tapings, here’s the updated card:

TLC Triple Threat for the WWE Title
The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Title Match
Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Ladder Match
Kevin Nash vs. Triple H
A sledgehammer will be hanging above the ring.

WWE United States Title Match
Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

Tables Match
Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

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  • Whatever

    @Boomer, bourne is back, worked a couple live events for wwe lately.
    but the tag team division needs something new, something big!

  • Boomer

    i doubt the tag titles will be put up. I think Bourne is still on his 30 day wellness suspension.

  • Sammo

    Doing more with Rhodes?! You’re totally underestimating Booker T. He’s got plenty of gas left in the tank, and I’m sure his performance will put plenty of younger guys to shame.

  • phoenix

    The card seems solid except for the HHH/Nash fight hopefully it will be quick and painless to watch. Booker T. and Cody Rhodes is kinda lame as well they should be doing more with Rhodes.

  • TheMark

    When was the last time Cena didn’t have a PPV match? He probably will be thrown into the main event though…

  • daniel

    Ill be buying. Anyone else?

  • venom

    This ppv looks good. I think Punk will retain until Wrestlemania.

  • Matthew Carter

    Why is it I have a feeling that next week they will ad a 6-divas tag match of AJ/K2/Alicia Fox vs Beth/Natalya/Kaitlyn, and that there will be a tag team title match maybe?

  • Mr. E

    John Cena vs. Johhny Ace, Otunga’s career on the line!

  • Sammo

    With the exception of Big Show vs Mark Henry, I think the card looks quite decent…

    The WWE title match will obviously feature plenty of big bumps and all three wrestlers involved will be looking to steal the show (I still think Cena will be added making it a fatal four way).

    The IC title match will be a hard fought contest, and Booker T is a big fan favourite so it’ll be some fun nostalgia to see him back wrestling on a WWE PPV.

    The US title match is intriguing. Will Ziggler drop the title and move on to become a genuine main eventer? Or will he retain and cement Ryder’s position as a comedy jobber (like Santino)…?

    Kevin Nash v HHH will be interesting in a different way, because everyone will want to see what the Hell Nash can do in his limited state to make a ladder match interesting! Remember when Flair surprised us all and had a brilliant ladder match with Edge on RAW? Maybe the same will happen here? Yeah… I seriously doubt it too. But if Nash does fail epically as everyone suspects, and tears a quad or something, at least it will be amusing to watch!

    And Orton v Barrett should be solid if enough else. They’re both able guys, and we don’t see table matches very often.

    Could be a late contender for PPV of the year!

  • simon07

    I think Cena might get put into the WWE title match or the US title match.

  • Zach D

    This is the official card after smackdown spoilers:

    WWE Championship TLC match CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz
    World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match Mark Henry vs Big Show
    Ladder Match (Sledgehammer) Triple H vs Kevin Nash
    Tables Match Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
    Intercontinental Championship match Cody Rhodes vs Booker T
    and as announced on U.S. title match Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder

    This is an awesome card. Bravo WWE.

  • Whatever

    nice card.
    cena doesn’t have a match so far, curious what will happen…