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Spoiler: Tyson Kidd Gets Another New Manager on WWE Superstars

– The storyline of Tyson Kidd having a new manager on WWE Superstars continued at tonight’s tapings from Des Moines, Iowa.

Tyson came to the ring for his match against Trent Baretta, which he won, with Matt Striker behind him as his manager. Striker was talking on his phone while following Kidd to the ring.

This marks Kidd’s third manager in recent weeks – Michael Hayes, Armando Estrada and now Striker.

  • yay

    Could see Jimmy Hart make an appearance

  • kyle

    Big Daddy Cool For MANAGER

  • erik

    I don’t get superstars anymore. the wgn channel that had superstars is now a christian channel. that has joel osteen and td jakes on it.

  • Davey

    For me Superstars is the best WWE show at the moment, the Barretta-Kidd matches have been excellent, although I think they should let Barretta at least win one of them, they have all been very competitive and close.

  • Adam

    This guy changes managers more than I change my socks

  • Sammo

    So Superstars has its own storylines now?!

    This all sounds quite entertaining. Shame it isn’t on Smackdown… Where some people might actually watch it.

  • erik

    superstars are still on the air?

  • 808notsogreat

    yeah, he won (barely) with Estrada in his corner. i gotta say, that was the first time i’ve seen Superstars and I love the amount of wrestling in it. It’s a throwback to Saturday Nitro where it was just wrestling, no big stars.

    Santino hitting the cobra on Ryder’s legs causing him to be paralyzed had me laughing super hard.

  • Jay EZ

    I do love me some WWE Superstars.

  • Dave S

    I got dibs on Harvey Whippleman next week.

  • Jay EZ

    Ok. That remark about Matt Stryker saying Tyson Kidd could really use a talent agent instead of a manager makes sense now. Matt Stryker said this comment last week on commentary. I think Matt Stryker is Tyon Kidd’s final manager now. Especially since he was talking on a cell phone. He will be Kidd’s agent. Expect to see them on Smackdown soon.

  • adam tarasievich

    ya this is getting kinda confusing. It would make more sense if say he was winning and he was kind of auditioning managers to see who does best for him. But how it goes now hayes leaves him after he loses which was kinda understandable. BUt he won last week and was good with astrada why change it again.

  • venom

    I’m not getting this storyline as to why he has a new manager each week. If anything, it’s making Kidd look bad. Kidd is going down to Virgil, Santino status.

  • KitKrock

    Dibs on Paul Bearer as the new manager next week!