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Spoiler Update on Hulk Hogan Possibly Leaving TNA, His Contract Status with the Company

– TNA taped a major angle at the end of last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings, to air next Thursday, that may be the exit of Hulk Hogan from the company.

We’ve noted how Hogan’s contract is up on October 1st. Last night’s appearance at the tapings was Hogan’s last scheduled appearance under this contract. Both sides have been in talks for a new deal but nothing has been signed or agreed on. Because it was Hogan’s last scheduled appearance, TNA chose to shoot a potential exit for him.

Source: PWInsider

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Finally!!! Hogan is gone, he is a legend and all, but took too much, never took TNA where it was suppose to be, Sting should opt out too, Love the Stinger, but just retire, go to WWE, get a cheap pop and retire from the biz, and then Kurt Angle, he could do something like RVD and work a bit, take some time off, get a DUI, then come back again, then Jeff Hardy, well he could carry CM Punks bags, IMO

  • Jason Lentini

    Sting is a WWE never been. He was loyal to WCW while there and is loyal to TNA now. Will we see him in WWE one day before he retires ? Who knows. TNA does need marquee names as well as establish more of their own stars but the marquee names generally come at too high of a price financially.


    All these marks on this site ever do is disrespect legends like hogan, sting, and angle, grow up, I hope sting and angle both stay in tna and help it get better, the only wrestlers I think should go back to the wwe is jeff hardy and chavo guerrero cuz I think they could contribue more in wwe than tna

  • VinnyDaReal

    tna isn’t done because they’re loosing those guys, get more knowledgable about the overall business, yes those are 3 huge names but it doesn’t mean they’re done cause they walk away, in reality it frees up a lot of money for more deserving talents. All 3 of them were yesterdays news. I’m a huge fan of angle and sting btw but seriously they can’t perform as well as they use to so watching them in the ring anymore really isn’t that great. They aren’t horrible like Hogan or Flair but still they aren’t what they had use to be so if they’re to walk away it’d be good for their legacies and the business.

  • VinnyDaReal

    I’m really not a Hogan fan, never have been but what people don’t realize is yes on tv he’s contributed nothing but in reality he has, more fans gained knowledge of tna because when he arrived he helped promote tna much more than they had been before and also he brought in more of the older fans and their families who hadn’t even known tna existed plus the revenue from his merchandise and the licensing and insurance deals he helped them to achieve but as far as tv goes he has sucked it dry, both him and Eric Bischoff, they’ve run off great talents and crushed so much of what set tna apart from any other American based wrestling companies but it’s not all on them, Dickhead Carter (Dixie) hired them and doesn’ know very much about the business itself so really she ran it down and no I’m not just speaking on what AJ Styles just said 2 weeks ago I mean seriously the lady has no background in pro wrestling and has run the company she and her daddy purchased into the ground with those 3 clowns helping to run the show, before they entered tna was so much better, show cased better talents had better concepts and raised the bar for the overall business only major flaw they had is before them storylines were chaotic and never lasted long that’s mainly due though to bad bookers for the most part but sorry I went on a rant back to my original point, I’d be glad to see Hogan gone but the man didn’t contribute absolutely nothing but he’s done nothing great either, anybody else could’ve done the same things just i’s more likely Dickhead Carter had her head in her ass when she had Jim Cornett there, he was tna’s life blood when they were on their game from 2007-2009 right before he left but he’s gone and won’t return and Hogan and His butt buddy Eric Bischoff need to go.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Maybe, maybe not. I think Hogan, Angle and Sting are actually holding TNA back. They’ll never be at WWE’s level, but they can be that step above the Indy’s. First, they need to be themselves instead of WWE rejects. Continue getting rid of the old guys and start bringing in new stars. Then, and only then, can they possibly succeed. Sadly, you may be right and it just might be too late for them.

  • JohnCena33

    I have told all of you, TNA IS DONE. There talent is leaving. First goes Hogan, then Angle and Sting, then company is out of business.

  • Erik Kessler

    i am sure he will sign a legend contract with wwe. as nash did in 2011, also old man flair did in 2013. hogan needs go home. noone wants see him anymore. he yesterday news

  • Erik Kessler

    hogan done nothing for tna. except suck them dry like hoover vacum. he should of never been hired in first place. 3 yrs of crap. hogan and his washup hasbeen friends from 90’s 2010 was horrible. hogan don’t let door hit u in red and yellow bum on the way out brother!

  • facto

    Great news for TNA is Hogan does leave…he has been nothing but a drain on resources and tv time since arriving.

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