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Spoiler Update on Jeff Hardy’s TNA Status and His Contract

– TNA taped an angle on Wednesday night to air on the December 26th episode of Impact Wrestling where Jeff Hardy was written out of the storylines for the time being. Hardy said he had wrestled his final match with TNA and thanked the fans, appearing to be done with the company.

Speculation is that TNA just wrote Hardy off TV because he can’t attend the UK tour that takes place in late January. Hardy is not being advertised for that tour.

Hardy signed a new deal with TNA that reportedly takes him through February 2015 although it’s possible the second year on his contract was an optioned year. Hardy is signed with TNA at least through January 2014, depending on how the contract was structured.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Bruno Sammartino said no to the Hof and it paid off big time for him, no respect was loss because of it, Sting coming in would be amazing from a fans point and the WWE, even for a short while

  • Johhny

    I meant the show main event,which ever day its on,i dont know u do not keep up as much anymore,as far as sting gaining any respect,yeah from 12 year olds that have never even heard of him,after all these years of saying he would never do to the wwf/e..he all of a sudden will now?Yeah he would lose alot of respect trust me

  • Bonerjams

    Main eventing sunday nights wouldnt be a bad thing if sunday nights are pay per views.

  • JohnCena33

    I am almost sure that Sting would lose no respect if he went to WWE, he would gain respect. He already sent his people to see what WWE would offer him, he is VERY interested. Hardy contract is an option for him for a third year. If he gets the RVD contract from WWE he would go back. Styles would be on main event on sundays? Last time I checked that was on Wednesday nights and WWE sent him a contract. WWE would do more for AJ than TNA has the last five years.

  • Johhny

    Hardy may be clean,But he is sticking with TNA,Sting if he shows up in a wwe ring he will lose alot of respect from long time fans and he knows that,Styles would be used for a month and then be dropped to main event on Sundays,if he is smart he will stick with TNA ,Hogan unfortunately has turned into something that ive stopped defending.If you think they will all be there then you are just delusional

  • Daniel Schein

    AJ is 36 years old now, and although I’d love to see him get a much deserved run in WWE, I highly doubt it will happen. They’d want to pay him an entry level wage, and if TNA sticks around I’m sure he will sign with them again sooner or later. Hogan is probably a sure thing, the question is whether it will be for a match, or just an appearance or special ref gig. Jeff is TNA’s biggest merchandise seller and has indicated he doesn’t want to go back on WWE’s road schedule…..Still he has a chance to make big bucks with WWE and that window get’s smaller as he pushes 40. Matt’s gotten back into good shape and stayed out of trouble for awhile now, so I can’t say a Hardy Boyz return is out of the question.

  • JohnCena33

    Hardy is clean, WWE would give him a what third chance? He was just as big as Cena was, if not even bigger so wwe would have him back. WWE sent a contract to Styles but at the time Styles declined. Sting has sent out feelers to feel if wwe is interested in him, wwe woukd love to have him especially since his contract is up in Jan. 2014. I doubt it is a coincidence that TNAs biggest stars Sting, Styles, Hardy, Hogan, that all of there contracts end when the road to wrestlemania begins.

  • Johhny

    Hogan is likely the only one to pop up in a wwe ring of the names you listed.

  • JohnCena33

    It has begun….

    TNA talent jumping ship to go to WWE for WM30. First Hogan and now Hardy, Sting, and Styles will be in WWE. Yes Yes Yes.