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Spoiler Update on a WWE Royal Rumble Surprise

– As noted before, Kevin Nash and Booker T are expected as surprise entrants in tomorrow’s WWE Royal Rumble 40-Man match.

According to a source in Boston, Massachusetts, the sight of tomorrow’s Rumble pay-per-view, Nash’s flight landed a short time ago and the former World Heavyweight Champion was sporting brown hair.

Source: PWInsider

  • Mike

    I doubt that nash is a one time deal.. He chose not to sign with the company in the past because he didn’t want to die his hair the fact that he is sporting brown hair tells me its more than a one night gig.. Nash wouldn’t die his hair for one night

  • must of been some strong hair dye

  • JD

    Yeah, this Main Event Mafia reunion over in TNA is going to be lacking some names if that’s indeed what’s going on. However, I think Nash’s appearance tonight will be a one-night deal like RVD last year. And look what happened… RVD signed with TNA. Something tells me WWE is purposely reaching out to some MEM members in order to sabotage TNA. Good for Nash for getting a decent paycheck tonight but I see him back in TNA once the MEM/Immortal feud is in full swing.

    Otherwise the MEM is going to be what, Angle, Steiner, Crimson, and Sting? Maybe Joe. Maybe they’ll just abandon it altogether.

  • dx

    what an epic fail by tna to re create the main event mafia wtf r they gunna do now? lol

  • The King

    Big daddy Cool Returns….FINALLY!!!

  • Matt

    Christian is not coming, if the reports are to be believed, he wont be back until after wrestlemania.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I’m looking foward to Captain Charisma the most.

  • Justin

    YES!!!! Thank GOD Nash and Booker are on good terms with the WWE! I hope to see recent vets come back and possibly coach the new guys–not like that BS cover called NXT.

  • Adam

    @Titan So true since The Corre is nWo Wolfpac anyway.

  • Valo487

    I like that they’re utilizing these guys that are available, even if it’s just a one-off, it’s still cool to see them. I’m not sure I’d want Nash back full-time, but it’ll be cool to see him in the Rumble.

  • Taylor

    Pretty good idea Kannon. Wouldn’t mind seeing that at all.

  • Trixie

    at least he died his hair. grey is not a good look on a man with long hair.

  • kannon

    He teams up with the CORRE and it becomes Barrett and Nash vs. Taker and HBK. The reason for this would be in case Taker can’t wrestle in a singles match caused by his injury. In the tag team match he can have 3 other guys to help him out. They can have Barrett and Nash keep getting into the head of Taker forcing him to “EVEN” things up. That’s how HBK is brought back for 1 more match.

  • lazlo woodbine

    That might work actually, so long as I don’t have to see him shuffling around a ring.

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    titan thats would be amazing to see, but if nash returns he would be a raw guy

  • Titan

    New leader of the corre Kevin Nash