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Spoiler Update on the Status of Two Former WWE Superstars Used at TNA’s NYC Tapings

– As noted, TNA used former WWE stars Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson at the New York City tapings last week as members of Team Dixie but they were apparently “fired” by Dixie before the Friday night tapings, which they did not work.

Word now is that the two are indeed done with TNA. They were only booked for two of the three NYC tapings with the idea that Dixie using “real” ECW guys would get heat with the NYC crowd and also showcase how far gone the Dixie Carter character had gotten.

When Zeke and Snitsky were booked for the tapings, they were not brought in with the idea that they would be signed to contracts.

Source: PWInsider

  • CC

    Well I own all the ppv’s, so yeah I think I can say it was good right up til the end.

  • unknown

    It may have been still going.but that does not mean it was any good.

  • CC

    I think you will find it was still going in the early 2000’s.

  • unknown

    ecw has been dead since the 90’s

  • Will Henderson

    didn’t you read the story, they said they used them to get heel heat from the pro ECW crowd. these two were brought in by Dixie and claimed to be “real” ECW, but they were truly WWE guys who worked in the WWE’s version of ECW which pretty much killed the ECW brand as a whole.

  • yo

    I think that was the point

  • TheFizPop

    I think picking these so called ‘real’ ecw wrestlers was part of the heat. as they of course, are not

  • Shawn Bronald

    And how are they ‘real’ ECW guys? Both worked for WWECW, but not the REAL ECW. Come on, Dixie!

  • jedi

    poor Zeek!