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*Spoiler* Updated WWE Survivor Series Card

World Heavyweight Title Match: Mark Henry vs. Big Show
WWE Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
The Rock & John Cena vs. R-Truth & The Miz

  • venom

    Punk is going to lose.

  • Mabry

    @ nWo Nick Patrick, they did on the Smackdown taping.

    What does the “Survivor” in survivor series stand for now????…..

  • nWo Nick Patrick

    I don’t think Henry vs. Show was confirmed on Monday, but Eve vs. Phoenix was…

    Agreed, the same people fighting each other too much. Nowadays, everyone has to have a “series” of matches, which includes the first match, the rematch, then the special rules or steel cage match third. They should try mixing up that formula a little more.

  • D2K

    I remember when the Survivor Series was about teams of 4 against 4 or 5 against 5 in a elimination tag-team matches. Shows how old I am.

    If they really wanted to do away with those type of matches altogether what they should have did was leave the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series, and have that be the feature instead of creating a whole new PPV dedicated to it. Survivor Series without the specialty matches serves no purpose for me.

  • MLucero

    The same people fighting each other over and over. I remember when big matches for ppv’s meant something more. Now they fight each other every week on RAW and SD before even fighting each other on the ppv,which makes the match lose it’s excitement and anticipation.

  • Emerson

    You forgot eve vs beth phoenix.

  • D2K

    How is this a spoiler? All these matches were confirmed on RAW this past Monday.