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Spoiler: Wade Barrett’s WWE Status Revealed

– Wade Barrett appeared at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, attacking Big Show after the #1 contender’s match between Show, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, which Ziggler won.

Word going around is that Barrett will now permanently be on the SmackDown brand. As of now, there will be no follow-up angle with CM Punk on RAW as Punk has taken over Nexus.

Partial source: PWInsider


    crap, as if you get kicked out of a group and then just walk away, this should be continued just to end the storyline.

  • Hunter

    Don’t think you can say ”called it” with Wade to Smackdown… EVERYONE saw it coming.


    Though I like punk better than barrett as the leader of nexus, I don’t know why they decided to kick barrett out of it and move him to smackdown. WWE must really like this guy, I mean he main evented like 3 PPVs last year with 2 of them being singles matches. I think wade will probably be world champ sometime this year. I think the move was to have barrett feud with the Undertaker at wrestlemania, it would be easier to do that if he’s already on smackdown. The big show storyline will probably be a filler until they figure out when Taker is good to come back.

  • me

    zigglers #1 contender? awesome.

  • 321kid with a razor

    So they just drop his whole story line like that? Lame. I know Punk has a feud with Cena but if they have a match at Rummble Barret could interfere and if nexus comes down then out of nowhere Skip Shefeild, Micheal Tarver,and the Troll Doll guy can come out and attack nexus saying ther original teams better or add some of NXT rookies season 2 to the team and then you have more exposure for more stars and maybe a mania match for the rightful name of nexus lead by 2 teams of barret and punk.

  • Big Shuf

    I think they gotta do something big with Kane. It seems they always do the same kind of things with him. Either he’s a monster, he’s actually not a monster, or he’s in some shit storyline like the one with Chavo. If WWE creative can somehow incorporate Barret or Taker or someone actually interesting into burning Kane or doing something to his face so that he has to put the mask back on that would be awesome. Kane was way scarier with the mask on and in my opnion, way better to watch.

  • Rich

    I think Wade Barrett and The Undertaker is gonna happen at Wrestlemania but of course The Undertaker is gonna win..but that leaves the question..what are they gonna do with Kane?

  • Zach

    Good. Smackdown with Wade = win. Smackdown is truly the purest brand. Fresh young guys getting pushes in good storylines. Decent ones anyway.

  • Big Shuf

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If they keep the feud with Wade and Show going then that means Taker doesnt really have any to come back and feud with except maybe Kane as it looks like him and Edge’s feud is coming to an end. Either way, Taker will, without question in my opinion, remain undefeated at Mania.

  • CM Mark

    Called it…Wade to SD. Punk is RAW.

  • tim

    The Nexus helped bury Taker so now Wade is all alone on Smackdown. Id say it sets up Taker vs Barrett as well. Plus, he learn a lot from Taker during a feud.

  • rikardo

    that’s good out of all the nexus he was money on the mic and the skills will improve more as time goes on i like his chances better on smackdown.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Stupid way to end an angle. At the very least, have Barrett get together with the members of Nexus that got kicked out and maybe some of the guys from the second season of NXT. Then have him beg Cena to help.

  • mark

    bit of a sudden ending for the storyline considering Barrett was actually leader of Nexus.

  • Automattic

    Actually it could be intriguing, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’ll agree that Wade isn’t perfect, but no wrestler is when they start. He just needs a chance to grow, and having feuds away from Nexus can help with that.

    Only thing I have a problem with is the fact that his move to Smackdown is so sudden. I agree that it’s the right move overall, but not follow up angle with Punk?

  • Hunter

    Would they perhaps start a potential feud between Big Show and Barrett a couple weeks before the rumble if these plans weren’t going to go through to w/mania?

    Undertakers programs usually start @ rumble. That said, would rather see that.. think Wade should continue to be pushed.

  • Sammo

    …any wrestling “FAN” that should have read.

    Apologies for my unforgivable incompetence.

  • Sammo

    @Swagger – I’m interested to know how any wrestling could possibly think that a Wade Barrett v Big Show feud could be “class”…?!

    I’m totally baffled by that one.

  • Collabrone

    Remember when Big Show replaced Cena in the steel cage match at a live event when Cena was injured? In this match, Wade Barrett was able to hit the Wasteland on Show. Maybe Barrett can beat Big Show on Tv or PPV now that he can hit on him his finishing manuever

  • bloodstone

    @ Hunter Barrett vs taker at Wrestlemania

  • bloodstone

    wow that’s it so i guess Nexus with cm punk will beat on cena week in week out sounds like crap to me wwe should of drop the Nexus storyline at tlc

  • Swagger

    I’m looking forward to this feud, reckon it could be class if given the right approach.

  • Hunter

    Rubbish.. no way will they put Wade over Big Show.

    Big Show to eliminate him at the rumble, followed by Wade going back in and eliminating show back, or distracting him so he gets chucked out, which leads to a Wrestlemania match.