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Spoiler: Former WWE Champion Possibly Returning on Tonight’s RAW Supershow

– WWE Legend Bob Backlund is expected to be the Legend who returns on tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow. If Backlund is indeed the Legend for this week, he will likely do a match or angle with Heath Slater.

Backlund was visiting his mother at her rest home in Minnesota this weekend and told people there that he was headed to Denver, Colorado where tonight’s RAW Supershow is being held.

The two-time WWE Champion last appeared on WWE TV in 2007 for the RAW 15th Anniversary show.


  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Bob Backlund as a heel was phenomenal. I am absolutely intrigued by Mr. Backlund. Long overdue for HoF, I hope he agrees to go in.

  • john

    we need attitude era fans back in these arenas!! fuck cena’s 9 year old fans

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I can’t wait to hear his music start playing haha

  • Stevie P

    I remember watching Royal Rumble 1993 when Flair and Backlund started out as 1 and 2. Flair was on his way out but what was funny was the commentators stating how old Flair was (yes in 1993) and if he was too old to win the Royal Rumble when he entered so early. All the while this is happening he’s in the ring with Backlund…who is the exact same age as Flair. They neglected that part.

  • Devil_Rising

    Sadly that’s correct. Most kids now adays don’t bother to do their homework into the history of wrestling, and it’s greats. So they won’t have any idea who Backlund is, just like they have no idea who Ivan Putski or Stan Staziak or Peter Maivia or Bruno Sammartino are. Or the REAL “Nature Boy”, Buddy Rogers.

    But Backlund was great in his era.

  • Jon

    Hope he not running for congress lol. Nice to see Backlund back though.

  • jeff

    God damn it Bobby!!

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    Backland was great, especially when he was a psycho heel, but I don’t think he will get a big reaction from the crowd. Hopefully I’m proven wrong.

  • SYM

    LOL thats weird. Bob Backlund is a Member of the nWo as seen on the “Can You Name All of the nWo Members” Article.