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Spoilers: New Match for WWE Extreme Rules, New SmackDown Roster Members

– It was announced at today’s WWE SmackDown tapings in London, England that Titus O’Neil and Darren Young have been added to the SmackDown roster.

– It was also announced at the SmackDown tapings that Randy Orton will face Kane at Extreme Rules in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    The PPV is called EXTREME RULES and all the “special” type of matches seem the saem lol a street fight and a no DQ match are pretty much the same lol plus the 2 out of 3 falls and the pinfalls count anywhere lol I want to see a Cage match or a ladder match

  • Zach D

    @ theMark…….. YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • mike

    looks like Antonio Cesaro is also part of the smackdown roster as he stated on facebook “smackdown superstar”

  • ant

    this extreme rules card is shaping up to be good i might go head and buy it but im curious about what other matches they might have on the card if i were a creative writer i would have primo & epico defend there tag titles in a 4 way tag team tlc match against the usos,wiliam regal & tyson kidd,and dolph ziggler & jack swagger u know just to add a lil spice to the card

  • Esau’s kingdom will end

    @themark if you’re a Caucasian guy, go back to the mountains..

  • kamala’s leg

    I heard on of these matches is a amputation match.

  • MW

    Guys, don’t feed the troll.

  • Justin Sane

    @theMark: You’re a waste of human filth.

    WWE needs more darkies. Maybe these two can actually make something of themselves. At least they aren’t the “WWE stereotype” of a black wrestler that has to be a thug or whatever (R-Truth, Shad, JTG, Rodney Mack, etc..) I like both of them. They have potential and nice ring skills. Hell, they could be purple for all I care. Just as long as they can wrestle.. This is coming from a black man.

  • b c Mitchell

    ^^^Horrible man

  • theMark

    O joy two damn Spooks are on Smackdown!!! shouldn’t they be in the damn field pickin cotton?!?! Looks like someone needs to get the hose and sic the dogs on these darkies!!

  • Prince

    It’s actually looking like a pretty good card for Extreme Rules. I’m assuming they’ll add Rhodes/Show and may another match or two as well. The first 5 matches announced look pretty good though. The stipulations will help make some matches better.