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*Spoilers* Two Matches Scheduled For TNA Sacrifice On May 13

Rob Van Dam beat Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson in a Three-Way Match at Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida (airing this Thursday on Spike TV) to become the No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. He will face Bobby Roode at Sacrifice, which takes place May 13 in Orlando, Florida.

The show kicked off with Hardy and Anderson confronting Roode and staking their claim for his title. Impact Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan appeared and made a match for the No. 1 Contender’s spot with Hardy, Anderson and Van Dam.

Kurt Angle stated on Twitter that he will face AJ Styles at Sacrifice. This is a rematch from Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling taping.


  • Ant

    they wouldve suspended him if that happened and they didnt so therefore i think thats bull they probably would have took the wwe and ecw titles off him anyways

  • Charles Spears

    First off, I would love to see RVD with the belt back, and @ Ant, it was RVD who screwed up his title run in the WWE, if he didn’t get pulled over at that speed trap in Ohio, he wouldn’t been caught with the marijuana and pills, would he.

  • Best in the World, YOU KNOW IT!!

    RVD needs to go back to wwe and carry smackdown

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s about time they finally get back around to actually doing something with RVD. Too bad they’ll keep the belt on Roode.

  • ant

    @poko..rvd is comin for that ass and i doubt he’ll loose

  • poko

    I do not want to see Roode lose the belt to any of those guys. Rather, they should use performers who are already well established to put Roode over as being on their level. None of those three need the belt, they’ll get PPV matches without them. If Roode can retain against stars like that, then it will prove that he should be considered a star himself. It would bring a lot of validity to his reign.

  • Best In The World

    @ flip its tna its always a snoozefest

  • Flip

    @best in the world
    Those are the only two announced matches! How could it sound like a snoozefest

  • Best In The World

    sounds like another snooze fest besides aj and kurt, rvd and roode could be good

  • Ant

    but of course people are gonna hate on rvd as u can see by the dislikes ^^

  • Ant

    honestly they need to give rvd back the title cuz i think the guy as champ again would be awesome and for some reason he always has the wackest world title reigns in ecw he got screwed by the big show and paul heyman in wwe he lost the title in a triple threat against edge and john cena and in tna he had to vacate it due to injuries sustained from abyss like cmon give him a decent run cuz you know rvd will take on all comers and give us some 5 star matches

  • misfit del rio

    Yeah angle vs styles are always good matches, but come on this is there 75th match, come on tna, new feuds new matches all that talent.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


  • iHole

    All 3 of them would make a better Champion then Bobby Roode. I really hope RVD wind though

  • Ant

    kurt angle and aj styles always have awesome matches