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Spoilers on a New Group Formed in TNA, Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan, More

– “They” was revealed at last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings to be a new group consisting of Fortune and other top TNA face stars.

Details are still sketchy but the group apparently consists of Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson Scott Steiner, Crimson, AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money after Fortune turned on Immortal.

TNA had originally planned for “they” to be The Main Event Mafia with Angle, Steiner, Crimson, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Sting. Those plans were changed when things with Nash and Booker fell through. No word yet on where Sting stands but he was not scheduled for this week’s tapings. Spike TV officials really wanted the Mafia return for sweeps this week.

In related news, after advertising his return for two weeks, Hulk Hogan did not make his return at last night’s TNA tapings. Ric Flair also wasn’t in the building but it’s since been revealed that he is suffering from an injury and is scheduled for tonight’s tapings. There was a backstage segment with Beer Money where they said the last time they saw Flair he was drunk in a bar in Ireland.

  • adam

    i agree with nick if they realized they lost out on nash and booker and quit possibly sting. They should of signed shelton and hass a team angle reunion would of been awesome.

  • nick

    why didnt they bring in Benjamin and Haas to reform team angle, great as both singles and the worlds greatest tag team

  • oxslangshoot

    hahaha dixie you cow

  • David

    And we all bare witness to the beginning of end.

    WWE could use Styles, Joe, Amazing Red, Beer Money and MCMG, to hell with everyone else.

  • James

    aj styles since he is away from flair should be a face since he is suppose to be the face of tna. Beer Money that was a weird pick I would have thought the MCMG would be better since they are faces already and KAZ really KAZ he is a better heel they should have put the amazing red in the group with his brother and make them a tag team to feud with beer money for the new group. But Batista is doing movies bad movies samoa joe is over weight if he was in better shape he would make sense and bobby lashley is a ok wrestler but not someone I put in a group that is suppose to save tna considering he is not a ratings drawer look at his feud with ummaga it was a tank this should be a good story line but the new group needs some different people for my taste

  • Vinny

    @ tom c – bobby lashley sucks!

  • Rich

    @Tom C..i agree why are beer money faces?..matter of fact why is kaz a face?..i could see aj styles cuz he dosent like the way samoa joe is feuding with the pope so thats a no go..daniels is in ROH..bobby lashley is i don’t know where..and in case you havent noticed tna is trying to bring back the x division..that match between chris sabin amazing red and max buck was awesome..mcmg are the best tag team in tna so how do u figure they’re better as singles competitors?..but this whole storyline with the fortune turns face has too many gaps in it for my taste

  • TomC

    So Beer Money are FACES now ?? I can totally see (and agree) with AJ and Kaz, but BEER MONEY ??

    I think what TNA needs to do is GET STING BACK … bring back Bobby Lashly … step up Samoa Joe again … bring back Christopher Daniels … TRY to get Batista and … if at all possible, try to get GOLDBERG !!!

    TNA would then have it all – young talent, fan favorites, the potential for great grudge match storylines, opportunities for mixing/matching, etc.

    The other thing TNA needs to seriously do is REVAMP the X-Division. While I did very much like the MCMG, I think sabin and Shelly were MUCh better as singles competitors in the X-Division – along with Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, and whatever quality X-Division size new talent they can find.



  • Vinny

    I thought the new TNA group was called “The Jobbers”? anyway…

  • k91xxx

    tna is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay

  • jwaller

    Based on what I saw at the taping its not Anderson. It’s angle steiner crimson styles roode storm and kaz vs. Matt Jeff hardy Jeff jarret rob terry abyss gunner and Murphy. Pretty evenly matched

  • nick

    iWrestlers in factions:
    Fortune – Styles (Injured), Kaz, Beer Money,Mr Anderson (apparantly)
    Immortal- Jeff, Matt, Abyss (Injured), Jarrett, Gunner and Murphy
    MEM – Angle, Stiener, Crimson

    They only need to add Morgan, RVD, Joe and Pope; then thet cud just sack everyone else coz they won’t make it on TV anyway

  • Clara711

    Sounds like TNA are scrambling for ideas after WWE stole away Booker and Nash. I was looking forward to seeing the MEM reform but I loved Nash and Booker in the rumble!

  • Bingo Nik

    Isn’t that 50% of the TNA roster?

  • rick

    “Details are still sketchy but the group apparently consists of Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson Scott Steiner, Crimson, AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money after Fortune turned on Immortal.”

    Surely they’re not gonna have 8 people in the one faction, it’s too many. Maybe they’ll do a 3 way faction war with Immortal, Fortune and MEM.