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– In an item that was left out of our SmackDown spoiler report, Cody Rhodes returned from his storyline reconstructive face surgery wearing a Mankind-like mask and called out Rey Mysterio. They teased a big announcement for next week.

– Dolph Ziggler was coronated as the new World Heavyweight Champion at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, airing this Friday night on SyFy. Teddy Long then returned and ordered Dolph to defend the title immediately against Edge.

The match saw Edge defeat Ziggler and he was announced as the “new” World Heavyweight Champion. Long then fired Dolph Ziggler, which apparently leads to an open spot in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match for the SmackDown brand.

  • casey davidson

    i agree with mark screw that idiot nash and put kofi in the match

  • casey davidson

    i have a feeling it will be undertaker

  • Devinci

    Maybe because of Flair going to TNA and HHH rumored to be transition to another role, they want Edge to displace Flair with the most no. of world titles.

    That way [TNA] cannot stake that claim [to having someone with that status]. Flair might have burn his bridge with WWE and pissed a lot people off by going coming “out of retirement” and working for TNA.

  • Devinci

    near impossible to be the Rock. He said though he loves WWE his time as a wrestling has pass. He’ll never wrestling again but open to any other short term role with WWE— like guest host.

  • Sumit

    They just wanna increase no of title reigns for Edge before he retires, the guy is talented but seriously 11 championship already for him while people like Undertaker, Stone cold and rock had like 7-8………..

  • RawIsWar


    Diesel? Please God don’t let it be Diesel… that guy is old as hell and can’t wrestle the same as he did before… put him in any other match I’m OK with that but not one like the Elimination Chamber which takes a lot out of you and “can” be brutal specially for an old guy like him…

    I say put Booker T in the Elimination Chamber.

    Booker T vs Alberto Del Rio in a match at WM is what i would like to see happen.

  • TomC

    I would like to see Dustin Rhodes FINALLY give up the gay Golddust gimmick and get into a nice, several-PPV span, fued with his little brother. Dustin was a damn good wrestler/personality all onhis own in WCW – he doesn’t need to be a “Golddust” or a “Black Reign.”

    At the end of the feud, the brothers unite to become a contending Tag Team – The Rhodes Brothers.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    the edge-ziggler angle is stupid and rushed. wwe likes to rush things now that they all fall flat to their face. btw the cody mankind gimmick is cool.

  • cabrera1234

    i would like to see sting wrestle in that match

  • Sam

    The Undertaker says I think ill have that spot! 😀

  • mark

    U sick fucker Mike, show some respect. what if it was your mum that passed away

  • retired

    THE ROCK, Or since the Undertaker is coming back. Why not him?

  • Jacky

    you guys are idiots, marks
    ziggler is a good wrestler and can put on great matches
    yes nash is the man and was great in his day but that day is passed.
    i doubt most of you are even old enough to know who diesel rlly is… probably just bandwagoning
    anyways anyone who actually knows a bit about wrestling can see that ziggler is a great athlete and wrestler…he deserves his push

  • mike

    Even better have them f her dead corpse then set it on fire

  • mike

    Give it Jerry Lawlers mom andhave STING run in and scopion death drop her and UNDERTAKER drags her to hell

  • Richard

    Open spot to bring to the Undertaker back.

  • Chuva

    People wanting Nash over Ziggler astounds me. So, a 50 year old, broken down, washed up guy who’s NEVER had a good match in his life, over a 20 something guy, who’s actually got talent? THAT is the #1 thing wrong “wrestling” fans these days.

    WWE is oversaturating their PPVs with gimmicks. HIAC was a great idea, the first 2 times. They’ve done what… 15 of them? More? Same with the chamber. Great concept first time out, and now they have a yearly PPV with 2 chamber matches? Guh… At least with TNA’s Lockdown cage match PPV, they don’t litter the rest of the year with cage matches.

  • Renz

    So according to wikipedia (which in itself is hardly regard as acccurate but still) Dolph is ranked as a 1 time WHC.
    if it helps heres the link and check out his championships from wwe;

  • Howe

    Why the Swagger hate? He’s like a 6’5″ version of kurt angle in terms of wrestling ability. They booked him horribly after he won the world title and continue to book him horribly, but he’s a better pure wrestler than all the people mentioned up top (rhodes, dibiase, ziggler).

    I do agree that this whole angle with dolph makes no sense. They should have just let the build btw edge and del rio slowly rise

  • http://www.wrestling-edge,com Sam Peters

    it will prob be Cody Rhodes

  • The_Electrifying_One

    What about it being the rock? or even booker t?

  • mark

    course he will, its all part of this silly angle. Hope to see a mysterio – rhodes match at mania

  • grapplin gorilla

    thank god….i hope ziggler never comes back

  • scooter

    oh yay there pushing christian also I’ve won the lottery and whats this a I found a magic lamp and have wished for world peace!!!!

  • TomC

    What’s even more lame is that a former member of The Spirit Squad get’s to claim “former World Champion” status – ugh.

  • Rucdogg

    That is kinda lame that Ziggler is an official world champ, without really winning and holding the title, oh well, he has won it more times than i have so who am i to complain?

  • TomC

    ooooh, CHRISTIAN – YES !!!

  • nobody

    Why? Ziggler’s better than Rhodes and DiBiasie will ever be. I do agree that Swagger sucks though. I’m glad he crashed and burned after his World Title run

  • Nick

    Put HHH in there or maybe undertaker corse i doubt very highly with the recent injury he would be in a elimination chamber match.

  • Vinny

    I’d like to see guys like Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase get a run after the world championship instead of the dolph ziggler and jack swagger types…

  • Ron

    Open slot for Christian?

  • Mark

    Never thought I’d see the day where people would want to see Diesel wrestle again. Screw that old fart. Put Kofi Kingston in.

  • Vassiliadis

    Apparently… please, let Diesel fight on sunday, PLEASE!! Not Ziggler!

  • Jimbo

    So Ziggler is officially recognized as a former WHC now?

  • mark

    this is a dumb angle, its obviously goint to put ziggler back in

  • Man

    Please God it need to be DIESEL

  • TomC

    Okay, who’s the “open spot” going to go to? … DIESEL ??

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