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Spoilers: New Storyline for Mark Henry from Recent Rib, Kidd’s Newest Manager

– Below are spoilers from last night’s WWE Superstars tapings:

* Mark Henry came out for a match against Johnny Curtis but Curtis never came out. Vince McMahon’s music then played, a continuance of what happened last week. Matt Striker came in the ring and asked Henry why none of his opponents wanted to come out and face him. Henry ripped on the crowd and said if his opponent does finally come out, “somebody is gonna get their ass kicked” like his music says.

* Vickie Guerrero debuted as Tyson Kidd’s new manager this week but dumped him after he lost a match to Yoshi Tatsu.

  • adam tarasievich

    They could bring shelton back and have him join the new nation.

  • Camille

    Hey if it involves Henry not wrestling.

  • Sniper King

    has nobody realised that WWE is playing with Mark Henry by not giving him people to fight so it’s a CONSPIRACY & SAME WITH R-TRUTH which means Nation of Domination V2.0 yessss 😀

    JTG recently turned heel so he’ll team up with them and they’ll add 1 more black wrestler to join.

  • Gary

    Agree with mark, but they trying to push him as heel, so that means brett would have to turn…a face with a manager dont fit in my book. but good idea, would love to see a brett hart turn

  • Stumpy

    They just need to bring back the Hart Dynasty. When they split them up, I knew neither one would survive as singles competitors.

  • mark

    Bret should manage Tyson Kidd. Its obvious

  • adam tarasievich

    This is just making tyson kid loook really really bad. I mean at first it was like ok he is trying to find the right manager now its just a joke. Also who cares about mark henry im sure when firing start he will be one of the ones dropped.

  • jimbo jones

    that’s how the writers practice, with action figures. That and play WWE Universe mode on Smackdown vs Raw 2011!

  • Jimbo

    These storylines sound like something a little kid playing with action figures would think up.

  • Sammo

    Both of these storylines sound like they have the potential to go… absolutely nowhere.