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*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – January 20th

– Thanks to Eric for the following spoilers from tonight’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando. These will air on January 20th:

* Kurt Angle opens the show and talks about Karen and Jeff Jarrett. Angle says they can do it the easy or hard way and threatens to tell a secret of Karen’s. Jarrett’s MMA team come out but Angle takes them out. Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair come to the ramp and smile as police take Angle away.

* Mickie James defeated Sarita, Velvet Sky and Knockouts Champ Madison Rayne in a four-way. Tara came out and hit Mickie during the match.

* Ric Flair comes out and puts over Rob Terry and cuts a promo on Matt Morgan.

* Matt Morgan defeated Rob Terry in a squash. Flair attacks after the match. Abyss comes down but Morgan fights him off. They finally take him down, Flair gets involved and they leave him laid out.

* AJ Styles is backstage with Kazarian talking about his match tonight. Amazing Red’s brother comes up and tells AJ that “they’re coming” in 2 weeks and Immortal can do nothing about it.

* Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal.

* Karen and Jeff Jarrett come out. Jeff puts over Karen as a person. Angle comes through the crowd and takes out Jeff. Karen slaps Angle, allowing Jeff to hit him below the belt. Jeff beats Angle down as Karen looks on.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Tommy Dreamer.

* Two segments backstage with Kurt Angle pissed off.

* Ric Flair is backstage talking to someone on the phone when AJ Styles runs in. AJ is telling him that “they’re coming” but Flair isn’t hearing it. Kurt Angle comes in and hits AJ with a baseball bat. Angle then chokes Flair and demands a match with Jarrett.

* Backstage segment with Brother Ray and Brian Kendrick ends with Ray shoving Kendrick.

* Ric Flair is backstage with Bischoff and Jarrett, ranting about Angle. Bischoff promises to handle the situation.

* Brother Devon comes to the ring and calls out Brother Ray. Ray comes out but gets attacked by Kendrick. Security tries to break the fight up between 3D but Ray beats them up. Ray ends it by putting Devon’s head between a chair and hitting it with a chain.

* Beer Money defeated Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam when Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy interfered.

* Kurt Angle comes back out as does Jeff Jarrett with Gunner & Murphy. Jarrett’s security goes for Angle and eventually get him down. Jarrett comes down to continue the beatdown but Angle makes a comeback. Angle chokes Jeff when Karen runs down. Immortal comes down next and take Angle out. Abyss comes out and drops to his knees. One of the new guys, Mercer, comes out next and stands with him, staring at Immortal while Angle clears the ring of them.

  • sammy

    I heard Taz refer to Hardy as “The Matt Hardy” hilarious
    Taz trying to hard to push the un-pushable lmao

  • Edge-3000

    It sounds like a good storyline because it makes it sound like they’re using the same tactics on Immortal that what Immortal used on TNA. The only difference is that they are only giving it a month rather then 5 months that build Immortal.

  • ??

    Mercer= Red’s Brother

  • Swagger

    Tommy Mercer is the new guy that came out and stood next to Abyss staring at Immortal, i’m hoping Abbys breaks away from Immortal and starts his own fraction with Mercer.


    they’re coming.

    dixie and sting.

    have i read the above wrong but why did abyss drop to his knees and allow angle to clean the ring of immortal

  • kyle

    dude wheres desmond wolfe if tna doesn’t put wolfe in tna taping wolfe would be upset or unhappy hurry tna

  • Automattic

    I think Curry Man and Shark Boy would actually be an improvement 🙂 But alas, none of the people you mentioned were recently released from the WWE, so I doubt it’s them.

  • adam

    well the last they was extremly dissapointing so i say this one will be dixie carter vince russo curry man shark boy somethin around those lines.

  • Automattic

    “They’re coming?” Seriously? I mean I get that a lot of storylines tend to repeat what happened in the past, just with a different twist…but they’re repeating a storyline that happened 3 months ago!

  • daniel

    first it was they now who is “they’re coming?”