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*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – March 24th

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA iMPACT tapings from tonight’s show in Orlando. These will air next Thursday, March 24th:

* There’s a whiteboard in the ring with stuff on it as Mr. Anderson opens iMPACT. He comes down with a man he calls Professor Shubert from the University of Green Bay. Anderson talks about the finish last week where “Reefer Van Dam” and him tied. Anderson runs numbers and decides he wants his rematch. Anderson ends up hitting the Mic Check on professor. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out. Bischoff says Anderson hasn’t earned a rematch yet. He has to beat Rob Van Dam first. RVD comes out and eventually Sting comes out. Sting says the network wants him to be the special referee for the Anderson vs. RVD match.

* Mickie James beat Tara and had a staredown with Madison Rayne.

* Okato beat The Pope by DQ when Pope hit him with rings on his hand. Pope attacked the referee after the match and Samoa Joe came out and chased him off. Okato bled pretty bad in this match.

* Ric Flair comes out with Matt Hardy and Brother Ray. He calls them two of the best tag team wrestlers ever. The crowd chants for Fortune and then chants boring. Fortune comes out and they brawl. The lights go out and Abyss appears with a new look. He helps Immortal take out Fortune and they leave them laying.

* Hernandez comes out with Rosita and Sarita and their new partner Esteban, the guy from Victory Road. Hernandez says they are the Mexican American nation and are superior. He says people will soon worship their Mexican flag and brings one down over the American flag. They challenge Devon and Matt Morgan to a street fight

* Hernandez and Esteban beat Matt Morgan and Devon in a street fight. Rosita and Sarita got involved which brought Velvet Sky and Angelina Love out. Angelina looked to be saving Velvet but Winter called her to the back. Morgan tends to Velvet which allows Esteban to pin Devon.

* RVD and Mr. Anderson wrestle with no winner in a #1 contender’s match. Sting was the special enforcer but took over as referee when the first referee went down. Sting and Anderson argued when Anderson wanted RVD counted out after a low blow and Mic Check into the corner. Anderson and Sting ended up fighting until security broke them up.

  • Bill

    @JOE, apparently there is. I used the site first, then “bill sucks” came, who’s name is apparently directed at me, then ” ‘bill sucks’ sucks! ” came, & his name is directed at “bill sucks”. I’ve even seen a “bill sucks dawg”! Haha.

  • JOE

    So there’s a bill, bill suck’s, and a “bill suck’s” suck’s????

  • marcum

    so the beautieful prople are broken up again tna you really need to make up your mind

  • ‘bill sucks’ sucks!

    @Andrew LOL. Speaking of GM mode, why don’t they bring it back? It was the shit! Turnin’ guys heel & see how ya do in ratings….fun stuff!


    wow, another tied main event, i never saw that coming

  • scooter

    @Raw GM all of your ideas are just wrong seriously.
    1. enough guys have turned on immortal already
    2. Anderson’s a natural face now the crowd was getting behind him too much and TNA turn guys too often
    3. you really want ray as a singles wrestler seriously?
    serious question do you and jeff hardy have the same dealer?

  • E

    Why have hernandez go backwards? He already did this sort of thing with homicide with LAX. I would have liked to see him challenge for the title and be a major player in tna.

  • adam

    Ya seems like it. Except instead of 2 marginal shows you have one really really bad one.

  • Andrew

    Is it me or is TNA playing out like Smackdown vs. Raw’s GM Mode but with Vince Russo behind the controller? >.>

  • adam

    no matter what they have bully ray do is going to be an epic fail. He is not that good of a singles wrestlers that is why they team him up with people. He is to out of shape to be able to carry a match or be carried in a match. For the first time in a long time i am not talking about matt hardy as he has gotten back into shape. But at least he had an excuse his intstinale problems i have no idea what buba’s excuse is besides that he likes to eat.

  • RAW GM

    what they could of done right here is…
    1. Abyss turns on Immortal ever since he was stripped of TV title.
    2. Let Anderson and RVD face Sting at Lockdown, and let HEEL ANderson win.
    3. Let Bully Ray push people around and for the love of god let him be a singles wrestler not teaming with Matt…argh!

  • adam

    wow so what is this 2 or 3 weeks in a row no acutal winner is determined in one of there matches.